Unpublished Dilbert: Girl Guide Cookies

Here’s a strip that has never been published in the newspapers. The content is a little too risky for newspapers, so it never got published. Scott Adams said his editor turned it down.

Here’s how I got it. Back in 1992, Scott Adams came to my city on a speaking tour. I did not attend, however, the next day a picture of Scott and this strip appeared in the business section of a local newspaper.

Dilbert strip with a Girl Guide

The following is an excerpt from an article that appeared with the photo in the Calgary Herald on 1992-12-11:

Scott Adams, creator of the comic strip Dilbert, displays one of his favorite strips, a joke that never made it to publication.

The segment shows a girl guide selling wafers.

“How can I be sure my money won’t go to support terrorist organizations in other countries?” asks Dogbert, the star of the strip.

“You’re confusing this with our bake sale,” responds the girl.

The audience laughs, but Adams makes his point: avoid opposing ideas in the same joke, such as violence and children or sex and Christmas.

“They can cause offence by association,” he said.

Unfortunately, the picture was not that great and the strip is a bit fuzzy and the lighting is uneven.

I’ve done minimal cleanup on the above image and it still looks bad. If someone with better ‘shop skills than me wants to try to clean it up to make it looks like a regular strip, please be my guest. I will post the results on this site. Here’s my original scan.

In my humble opinion, I think this is a great strip and more people should see it. I should not have sat on this for so long.

You can also see this strip in this video of Scott Adams’ stage presentation.