Vietnamese Kitchen

Posted on 2005-10-28 13:26

478 Bank St.

A Vietnamese restaurant away from our beaten path (Somerset) offers a variety of rice, vermicelli, and szechuan dishes. A small array of Pho beef soups is also available. A more formal dining atmosphere than other Pho restaurants, and the attentive service was provided with a smile.

Single-sized Pho bowls priced at $6.75. Tea was charged extra.


This restaurant has Pho on

This restaurant has Pho on the menu, but I don't think it's their main staple. More options are available in their vermicelli and rice dishes.

There is a limited number of Pho beef options, but one also had shrimp so that's what I went with. The beef was abundant and the shrimps were plump. The broth was tasty - not outstanding or special in any way, but good enough.

The spring rolls were quite large and had a very crispy shell - almost too crispy as they were hard to grasp with chopsticks. It was stuffed with pork and crabmeat giving it a slightly different taste than the usual shrimp rolls.

Tea charged by the seat. It wasn't even that outstanding - it tasted like flavoured water at best. Next time I will order water.

Rating: 7.5