Viet Thai

Posted on 2011-12-27 05:09

312 Bank Street

A relatively new place closer to downtown. It’s on Bank just a little south of Somerset. They offer dine-in and takeout.

As the name suggests, they have Vietnamese and Thai dishes

Prices are typical for the area.

Spring rolls Bowl of pho Bowl of pho Bowl of pho
Dishes at Viet Thai


Attractive Place

This is a relatively new place that has opened in the middle of a hotspot of Bank Street pho places, being close to 3 others (Truc, Sai Gon Pho and Temptation Tea Shop). Does it stand out? Here is my opinion.

The decor is good, with nice chairs and a wood-grained cashier's desk. It's a smallish place that had at least one table open throughout my lunch on a Wednesday. There was one waitress who was busy but the service was still fast and friendly.

One person started with shrimp spring roll appetizer. I didn't try them but the person said they were tasty and served hot out of the fryer. That's important for fried foods.

I had the vegetarian hu tieu, which came with sliced tofu and lots of veggies, including cabbage, broccoli, button mushrooms and carrots. The usual sprouts, lime and leaves were on the side, which were fresh. The hot pepper was missing but two hot sauces bottles were on the table.

My chicken broth was full of flavour but I'm guessing that's partly due to MSG since my MSG-detectors were going off.

One in my party had pho with well-done sliced beef and the other had brisket and meatball pho.

We all enjoyed our meal. Portions seemed adequate. Prices were on the high side, but that seems typical for what I imagine is a high-rent district. At least the prices are in line with the nearby pho places.

Overall, I like this restaurant pretty much as good as the nearby pho places on Bank. If you like those places, you won't be disappointed.

Rating: 7.5

One point deducted for the high MSG levels.