Posted on 2006-06-01 17:47

275 Bank Street

This is a new restaurant, just opened on June 1, 2006 at noon. It’s another in the collection of Pho Bo Ga places, but a bit ourside the typical Pho Bo Ga area. It’s closer to the downtown core and that can only help.

The hours of operation were not shown anywhere nor do they have a take out menu.

The menu looks similar in places to the one at the New Pho Bo Ga LA, but this one is much smaller, having about half the dishes. As well as pho, there’s bun and some other choices.

Decor is really nice, with fancy tables and chairs. (more about the table and chairs in the comments, though. please see below).

Prices were typical for the Pho Bo Ga collection, with soups ranging from $6 to $8. It looked to us like the portion sizes varied. People with small bowls said that their bowls looked larger than typical, while people who ordered large bowls said that the bowls were smaller than other places.

This place had many dishes marked as being Halal. There was some pork on the menu but none of the soups and none of the spring rolls were pork.

Update: Truc means “bamboo” in Vietnamese. It rhymes with “fluke”. And Pho Bo Ga means “soup beef chicken”.

Update 2: The sign outside the restaurant and the menu have the name changed from “Pho Bo Ga Truc” to just “Truc”. One staff member said they had to change the sign because they are now licensed. Otherwise they are the same restaurant. (2009-03-27)


I WORK THERE :-D and i

and i la-la-la love the pho. and Rice. and Goi Cuon. YUM YUM YUM YUM YUM :-)

A Pham

does anyone know why the beef

does anyone know why the beef is so raw? It tastes a bit chewy and he pho is really not authentic. Having lived in Vietnam for 4 years, i say this pho is ewwwwwy

Lisa Huyen

update from Sept 14, 06 just

update from Sept 14, 06

just went there for a take out. I did call but was not sure what was the number of what I took last time I went on site.
the lady helped me out fiding the number back.

I walked up to there and it was ready in less than 10 minutes.

Opening hours are now posted on the door, similar hours than the other pho bo ga places.
I took a business card with the hours written
Mon-Wed : 11 am to 10 pm
Thu-Sat : 11 am to 4 am
Sun 11 am to 10 pm

They do have a takeout menu but were out when I asked for one, they were expecting it for tomorrow.


This is a great restaurant.

This is a great restaurant. As a vegetarian, they offer an entire veggie menu. The soup is great. I added a ton of hot sauce, but that is just me.

A small makes a proper sized (if not too big) portion. Anyone wanting more than that must be a giant or obese.

Also anyone wanting bigger spoons must also be a giant. Just because you have more soup, does that make your mouth bigger? So weird.

Eitherway...this restaurant is going to be a regular spot for me (because of the veggie and because I do not have to schlepp out to China Town.)


Since there hasn't been a

Since there hasn't been a review of Pho Bo Ga Truc since it's opening day + 1, I thought I would add an update.

I was there both opening day, and opening day +1. I have also been there many times since - including twice this week.

These are the changes I have noticed since then:

1) They have put blocks under the table legs to give them an extra inch and a half clearance from the chairs which seems to work quite well now.

2) While I do agree that the broth used to be a little on the bland side, it has been improving steadily since then and is now on par with anything you can find on Somerset St.

3) I was also served the overly thick sliced and undercooked beef on opening day +1. I ate it anyway. Since then I have had no problems with the beef and I even think they are going out of their way to ensure quality. The beef is now cut thin and is very tender.

4) I have suffered a few service delays in the past but the existing staff have certainly improved and I think they have enlisted a bit of additional help over the busy lunchtime hours. I can walk there, scarf down a bowl of soup, and be back at my desk in 40 minutes.

One thing that hasn't changed is the size of the spoons. I have seen comments about spoon size in other reviews but I will make it my mission to point out every Pho restaurant that expects me to eat a large bowl of soup with a puny little spoon that dribbles down your chin with every sip.

Imagine if they had extra large ? Wouldn't be possible.

Which brings me to my only other beef with this restaurant. Bowl size. Sure, their large bowl (a large-ish medium by my standards) is enough for the average person, but I like soup. I order XL whenever possible. If it came in XXL I would order that - just because it comes that big.

I have been to a few other restaurants that do not have XL on the menu, but if you ask for it they are able to accommodate. Some will not. But, again, I am on a mission.

Overall, I would rate Pho Bo Ga Truc an 8. Bigger spoons and bigger bowls would certainly up that to a 9.


Yea, another pho place! I had

Yea, another pho place! I had heard about the fancy tables, but I still wasn't prepared for their grand appearance. They had my standard shrimp & bbq pork with rice and egg noodles, so I went with that to compare. The shrimp were a tad overdone, but the pork was good. The broth,was definitely not stellar but was flavourful enough. I hate when there is too much garlic and it passed that test.

Tried the shrimp Vietnamese style spring rolls, and they came out hot but were unimpressive.

I'll be going back, as the soup overall was reasonable and frankly it is close to the office. Plus the tables are nice, did I mention that?

Rating: 7


I went there on opening day

I went there on opening day to grab some takeout. I very regularly get takeout pho on the way home from work on days when I am too hungry to cook!

What stood out to me about this place was the service and frienliness of the staff. Unfortunately what also stood out was the poor bowl of Pho I had.

I'm going to give this place another try at some point since it was opening day, but I was very disapointed with the broth that I would characterize as cloudy and lacking flavour. The cuts of beef were also very poor - my rare beef did not cook properly in the broth, but remained pinkish, fatty and very chewy.

I'm not going to assign a ranking until I try again and they have had a chance to ease over their opening pains... however this was a disappointing first try.

Dr Zed

Grand-opening day plus one. I

Grand-opening day plus one. I anticipated a stellar meal considering that the other restaurants in the Pho-Bo-Ga chain/alliance are all quite excellent. Upon entering the restaurant, I was amazed by the decor of the restaurant - quite expensive looking tables (which we later found out were $1000/piece) and chairs. However, once I actually went to sit down, things went downhill. It was quite clear that the tables/chairs were meant for only extremely thin-legged persons as I had a hard time getting into my seat. And I am by no means an overweight person, some most would say underweight.

Obtaining menus was difficult in the full restaurant; we had to share with our neighbours. The menu was quite different from the other Pho-Bo-Ga's; all of their beef soups were 'Halal' and there is no pork in sight.

It was evident that the wait staff were still working out the opening day the kinks in their system as there was confusion about table numbers. We were delivered incorrect orders of spring rolls by various people, Service was poor at best; we had trouble trying to flag a waiter for service several times.

I had the shrimp spring rolls, but they did not provide any dipping sauce for the rolls which I found odd. I compromised and used hoisin with some hot sauce. The rolls were pretty good but not remarkable.

I ordered the rare beef with shrimp sate - a standard fare of mine. I got my soup but the "rare" beef seemed quite raw. It's quite normal to get rare beef red and have to wait for the broth to cook the beef a bit, so I waited. And waited. And I waited some more. But the beef was never able to turn from the raw pink/blue colour to an edible state. I reluctantly tried a few pieces but they were definitely undercooked and chewy. In the end, I gave up and had to put aside the beef. Either the broth was not hot enough to cook the beef, or the beef slices were too thick for them to cook - either way, it made the beef inedible.

We complained to the staff about the inedible "rare" beef, and they were gracious and provided us with a coupon for a 30% discount on our next vist. I will undoubtedly return to see if things have improved as I really want to give this restaurant a chance.

Rating: 5


Yet another in the chain of

Yet another in the chain of Pho Bo Ga places, and a welcome addition. I understand that these places are not really a chain, but the owners are cooperating with each other.

As I mentioned in the description, the tables and chairs looked wonderful but they were not comfortable. The bottoms of the tables were much too low and it was difficult to fit my legs underneath. I don't think that it would matter much if you were short or tall, but there's just not much room between the top of the chair seat and the bottom of the tabletop.

I was one of the ones who had ordered a large bowl of pho. It seemed closer to a medium in other places.

Mine was a P7, which is rare beef with beef tendons. The soup itself was delicious, the beef was cooked just right and the tendons were nicely tender. There was some MSG in the soup but not very much, according to my internal MSG-o-meter.

I also had a soursop milkshake. This was large, nicely done with shaved ice and a perfect finish to hot soup on a hot day.

Service was fast and friendly, too. The staff had no problems moving our group to a larger table when we exceeded the size we originally said on entering. I'm pretty sure that all 5 wait staff dealt with us throughout the meal. Everyone was very busy as the place was packed. The 6 of us shared our table for 8 with another couple because there was no other place to sit.

It took about 15 minutes for our soup to arrive after ordering. That was much faster than we anticipated, being opening day and all.

Rating: 8.5

You've got to go back. They

You've got to go back. They do indeed have Pork on the menu - in fact they promote several varieties including the traditional Bar-B-Q pork on the skewer. And all of our rolls had the fish sauce included for dipping.

It was nice, clean and affordable.

Maybe they just weren't fully prepared and hadn't hammered out the blips yet.


You've got to go back. They

You've got to go back. They do indeed have Pork on the menu - in fact they promote several varieties including the traditional Bar-B-Q pork on the skewer. And all of our rolls had the fish sauce included for dipping.

It was nice, clean and affordable.