Thi Fusion

Posted on 2008-07-18 14:13

790-M2A Kanata Ave
K2T 1H8
(map to be done)

A new place opened in the last few days. They serve a variety of food styles as the name implies that include pho, sushi, Thai curries, steak and vermicelli dishes. This place is very close to the Ox Head restaurant, which is just a few doors away.

The decor is dark and fancy. They have booths lit by blue-green neon accents. Chopsticks, a spoon, a fork and a cloth napkin are standard settings when you sit down.

Pho is available in two sizes, small ($7.95) and medium ($8.95). Tea is charged separately at $2.25 per person. Vermicelli dishes are $14 to $15. Thai curries range from $14 to $16 depending on the selected meat. Shrimp spring rolls, served in a large martini glass, are $5.25 for two.

Spiciness levels are available from 0 to 10, with the default being 3.

According to the menu, the chef’s name is Thi Lim, which probably accounts for the name of the restaurant, too.


Another Vietnamese? Chinese?

Another Vietnamese? Chinese? Thai? restaurant opens up and more competition in the Centrum Mall to battle with Ox Head and Sushi Kanata. Let's see how these restaurants hold up against each other. Thi Fusion has a medley of offerings ranging from sushi to pho to steaks.

We came for the Pho, so I tried out the beef and shrimp sate with egg noodles. I loves my spicy sate. And I started with a shrimp spring roll appetizer. The crunchy rolls were perfectly fried containing fresh, large shrimp pieces within. Delicious. And I can't forget to mention that the spring rolls came in a martini glass; rather unique and top marks for presentation here.

Then came the soup, and the shrimp again were plump and fresh. They were peeled all the way off including the tail, which some other restaurants leave for the patron to chew and spit out. What was missing from the broth was the sate, which resulted in not much spiciness. Slightly disappointed at this, but otherwise, a pretty good meal.

Rating: 7.5


It's nice to see another

It's nice to see another Asian restaurant open in the west end. Is it worth it? Let's see...

The decor is the first thing that struck me. After the brightness of the day, it took a few seconds for my eyes to get adjusted to the darkness inside. It's worth the wait, however, as the dark themes combined with the neon is very attractive.

Most of the seating was booths for 4 people each. Tables were available for larger and smaller groups.

Although it is a new place, the flow of customers was steady, not high, but steady. They must be curious about the new place, just like us.

I ordered a medium vegetarian soup with chicken broth (it's probably a contradiction to have chicken broth in a vegetarian selection. oh well). I ordered a medium, which is the largest they had. Sometimes, that's a bit small for my tastes. The soup came with egg noodle, also not usually a choice for vegetarian, but that didn't bother me much since I usually ignore the carbs these days.

The broth was satisfyingly tangy. There were hints of MSG but not a lot. The vegetable selection in the soup was varied and nice and crunchy.

So, worth it? I'd say yes. I think the food was a bit bland (but I didn't know about the spiciness-level selection when we ordered), the decor was great and the wait times were a bit long but hopefully that's because it was such a new place.

Rating: 7


I had the chicken & shrinp

I had the chicken & shrinp sate soup. The shrimp were excellent but the chicken were few and far between.

Fresh vegetables but an overall bland flavour.

Good For: A first date - ambience, decor, etc. before or after a movie at AMC
The Down Low: There are better PHO places in Kanata.

Rating: 6