Shogun Ottawa Japanese Steak House & Sushi Bar

Posted on 2009-10-06 13:32

1671 Carling Avenue

This Japanese restaurant has a small lunch menu of Vietnamese Pho, although it specializes in teppanyaki style cooking and also has a small sushi bar. There is parking available on side streets.


Good soup in a Japanese cave

Well this is a bit of a strange place. I didn't actually visit this restaurant with the intention of having pho, but discovered it on their lunch menu. The restaurant is small to medium size, with half a dozen teppan grills for the flashy cooking shows. They also have a sushi bar and a few regular tables. What struck me as strange however was that it had the feeling of being in a cave. The ceiling was finished with a spray foam like material with peaks and valleys like whipping cream except grey in colour. It really gave the impression of being in a cave, especially with the occasional red pot lights.

On to the soup. There was really a pretty basic selection, rice and egg noodles, 3 sizes, and your pick of any of 6 ingredients including rare beef, flank, tendon, etc. A small was quite reasonable at $5.99. The service was close to below average, although the soup came out fairly quickly. So far, my expectations weren't sky high. The broth though was really tasty, and the meat was generous and decent quality. They supplied the usual sprouts and leaves with hot and sweet sauce.

I will be back for the soup, and not just because it is convenient to my place of work.

rating: 7.5