Saigon Boy Noodle House

Posted on 2007-05-20 10:18

648 Somerset

A new place on the fringes of Chinatown. It’s open 11AM to 9PM, and slightly longer on weekends.

They serve the usual dishes of spring rolls and summer rolls for $3.50 to $3.75, Various pho dishes for $5.75 for smalls, $6.75 for mediums and $7.75 for larges. Most phos are beef and rice noodles but there are chicken and egg noodle variations. There are also a few rice vermicelli and rice dishes for $7 or $7.50.

Drinks are on the menu, standard fare of iced coffees, soft drinks, juices and avocado and durian shakes, nothing out of the ordinary.


Experience at Saigon Boy on May 8, 2009 for lunch

I've eaten at a few Pho noodle houses and this one ranked up there in terms of atmosphere. It was clean and the service was prompt and friendly.

I was able to experience this lunch with some expert Pho people Jonathan & Byron.

I ordered the shrimp spring rolls and as was stated in previous comments they came well presented cut on half and nicely arranged on the plate with a black sweet dipping sauce and some peanuts on top( I would have prefered a peanut dipping sauce and I think it would have complimented the appetizer better) I tried Jonathan's beef spring roll and the sauce was better suited to that one.

I had the number 36(Shrimp Pork rice noodle bowl) I added the usual extras - hot sauce and lime juice and basil leaves which made this dish just right for my taste. I was disappointed in the amount of shrimp and pork in this but what was there was cooked perfectly.

I would definately recomment this restaurent to any of my friends and would come back.

Rating: 8


Decent soup

First thing that strikes me is the cleanliness. It is modern and new - fresh even. It took a few minutes to wave down the waitress to hand in our order, but the appetizers came out straight away and the soup not long after that.

I tried the fresh beef rolls. They came nicely presented with sesame seeds and a slightly different peanut sauce - less thick and more hoisin-like. Quite tasty, really. The soup I tried was bbq pork and egg noodle. It was a bit oily, but the broth was tasty. The bbq pork was good quality and plentiful.

The prices were just a tad more expensive than down the street. Overall, very enjoyable.

Rating: 8

I like Saigon Boy. My tried

I like Saigon Boy. My tried and true has always been the New Mee Fung, which is still great, but I like the presentation and freshness at Saigon Boy. I always get the same things - either the shrimp and pork rolls, the shrimp spring rolls, the beef and spring roll vermicelli, or one of the egg noodle soups. I have never found service to be a problem or the wait but I have not been there when it is super busy.


My visit to this relatively

My visit to this relatively new restaurant occurred Nov 18th, 2007.

The time of meeting was for 6:00pm, but I mixed up the bus schedule and ended up about a half hour late.

The server had kindly seated the people I was suppose to meet, and when we found out we were expecting more guests, he rearranged the tables to seat the extra 3 + the 5 of us already there.

With only the one server, the staff was able to handle our table, as well as the other 3-4 tables. Our appetizers came out within just a few minutes. He was even good to notice that my cousin meant to order a different special from the one she wrote. Our food came soon after.

Pleasant and courteous server, and good staff who remember to serve the noodles warm. A small request I usually have to make at one of the other main Vietnamese restaurants on Booth.

I enjoyed the restaurant for it's location, cleanliness, excellent service, and good food.

The shrimp spring rolls were my favourite, tasted just like my Ama's (grandma).

I would definitely go again, on the hopes of getting good food, good service in a clean environment.


I know the owner. He used to

I know the owner. He used to work at the Yantze Restaurant. He's a nice guy. I have been there three times and have been quite happy with the cleanliness, service, and quality of the food. Best of all, they don't have a huge line-up so was able to get a seat relatively quick.

Rating: 8


the restaurant is actually

the restaurant is actually located at 648 Somerset St W (NOT 684)


Thank you, you are right.

Thank you, you are right. I've fixed the entry so it shows the correct address.

I always wondered why the Google map showed the place on the wrong side of Bronson.


And yet another Pho

And yet another Pho restaurant opens up on Somerset. I believe the location has previously housed a pizza restaurant, a chicken establishment, and now Pho. I'm not complaining, but Pho has certainly saturated the china town market I'm thinking.

As stated about, the service left a lot to be desired. Quite a bit of waiting just to receive menus and take our orders. The restaurant is small enough for the two wait staff to handle, but I don't think they were organized in the back kitchen for the servers to adequately deliver.

When we finally did receive our orders, I was presented with picture perfect arrangement of shrimp rice wraps (or summer rolls as they call it). It was almost too pretty to eat, but I was quite hungry by the time they arrived so I chowed down hardily. The dipping sauce had a nice sweet taste and complemented the fresh rice wraps quite well.

The piping hot beef sate with egg noodles arrived some time later. The sate was quite spicy, I didn't even need to swirl in my own allotment of hot sauce as is my usual custom. The noodles were abundant in the tasty (bordering on outstanding) broth.

Definitely worth another visit, and I'll ignore the poor service for my initial review and hope that for our next visit it improves.

Rating: 8


It's nice to see a new place.

It's nice to see a new place. This one has been a little inconsistent, quality-of-experience-wise, maybe because it is new. Unfortunately, during the visit that I chose to review the experience trended downward.

My group of three arrived on a Friday at about noon. We were seated promptly but we got the last empty table or next to the last. This meant we were at the tail of the rush.

We ordered within a few minutes. And then waited. And waited. And waited.

After about 30 minutes our appetisers arrived. Not all at once, you see, but one appetiser per waiter-trip.

The summer rolls, three good sized ones, were each cut in two and attractively arranged on the plate, including some of those vegetables that you can eat but often leave behind. The rolls were served with a black sweet dipping sauce that had a few crushed peanuts on top. Delicious as well as attractive.

About 10 minutes after we finished the appetisers, the soup arrived. Also, the bowls arrived one at a time. I think that this was happening to all tables.

I ordered a number 36 small which was a Shrimp and Sliced Pork Sate with a choice of rice noodles or egg noodles. I chose egg noodles but they served me rice noodles instead. A minor mistake and one that I did not bring to their attention because I'm OK with rice noodles instead of sending it back for an unknown length of time.

The broth tasted more of salt which was a change from earlier visits but it remains low- or little-MSG, something which I appreciate. That lets the beef flavour through and I notice that here more than other places. A good thing.

There was the usual plate of sprouts, basil, lime, hot pepper and Thai coriander but it was not enough for the three of us. We had to ask for a second plate, which arrived promptly.

Overall, the food was good but the slow service dragged down my score. I give it a:

Rating: 6.5

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