Posted on 2009-09-08 21:41

300 Booth St

This place is just south of Somerset on the west side. They have the usual selections of soup with interesting daily specials. There is street parking only, with steep steps into the restaurant.

Hours: Mon-Sun, 11am - 9pm


must be the location

Not sure what it is, but this is the 3rd incarnation of Pho restaurant in this location in the past couple of years. It follows in the footsteps of Huong Que, and before that Pho Sai Gon. I enjoyed both of those quite a bit, and similarly I enjoyed my visit to Pho'licious.

They seem to have the usual selection of appetizers, soups, and rice dishes along with some specialty drinks and desserts. I started with fresh rice paper wraps. They were obviously fresh, and the peanut base sauce was delicious if a tiny bit thin. I could have used more "leaves" in the wraps like basil, etc. But really I enjoyed them none-the-less. Then, I tried a relatively simple rice noodle soup with rare beef and brisket. Came out piping hot (was a feature of the soups from the previous incarnations of this restaurant as well...hmmmm....), and with the usual trimmings. Broth was very tasty, meat was decent quality.

Overall, very good - looking forward to coming back.

rating: 8.5

New Place

This place is in the same place as Huong Que, and Pho Sai Gon before that. One thing common to all three is that the soup is served hotter than usual. Perfect to warm you up on a cold winter day.

Unfortunately, I went there in summer, but still.

The decor is similar to the previous place, neat, clean without getting in the way. The menu is completely different, though.

I had a vegetarian option (with beef broth so not completely veg). It wasn't on the menu but they were nice enough to put one together for me. Lots of standard veggies, plus some nice firm tofu. That was all good.

The broth was tangy and fresh. I detected a bit of MSG but not too much, so sat well.

It's nice to see a place that's into social sites, hence their facebook page. A nice touch.

Overall, good. I'll go back.

Rating 7.5