Pho Truc Lien

Posted on 2006-10-19 09:10

3010 St. Joseph Blvd (Orleans)

A fairly new restaurant, they had their Grand Opening a couple of weeks ago. It still looks like the Chinese restaurant it recently replaced, although the new owners will certainly add their own touches in time. They have a 10% off on pick-up orders, at least for the moment.

Their menu is similar to other Pho / Vietnamese restaurants that have been all the rage the past year or two, with a few appetizers, a reasonable selection of soup, some vermicelli and rice dishes, and even a few rice paper rolls. To round things off, they have a few special drinks including iced coffee and some shakes (coconut, jack fruit, etc).

Prices for the soup are the usual $5.95 for a small up to $7.95 for a large, and around $7.50 for most of the other dishes. They are open 11am - 9:30pm M-F, and 12pm - 9:30pm Sat-Sun, and have plenty of parking.


AMAZING My girlfriends and I


My girlfriends and I go regularly. The service is amazing, the food is amazing, prices are great.

I love the chicken pho soup, I also always order the salad rolls but with chicken as I don't eat shrimp. The peanut sauce it comes with is insanely good! They serve hot tea right away and your soup always comes with a plate of bean sprouts and fresh mint leaves.

I love this place!!!


Incredible place, I go there

Incredible place, I go there a few times a month. They have a great special deal on getting your choice of chicken, beef, shrimp, or pork on rice/vermicelli and it comes with 2 spring rolls and won-ton soup. Costs about 8 dollars or so. The service is great and the people who run it are incredibly nice and will take time to talk to you about how the food is. They also have a good soundtrack playing in the background (soothing jazz usually).


I went to this restaurant for

I went to this restaurant for a friends birthday, and I was happily surprised. First we were given a some hot tea, then came our orders without delay. I absolutley loved their spring rolls. The service was fast and friendly, not to mention the fact that my friend got some birthday egg rolls and ice cream

I will be back.

Rating: 9


Yea! A new pho restaurant in

Yea! A new pho restaurant in Orleans. For that matter, it's nice to have any new restaurant that is NOT a burger or grill joint. Nothing against them, but we don't need another Kelsey's!

This place was a Chinese restaurant for many years, but a while back a buffet place opened literally next door, so their business obviously suffered as most seem to want masses of quantity over quality. Again, nothing against Ruby King, it's more my anti-buffet bias showing through. Anway, they finally succumbed and were bought by another owner who converted to a pho place. Orleans now has 2 pho restaurants!

So for my first visit, I had to try the take-out as our two year old was with us and we weren't prepared for a sit-down meal. I went in and grabbed the menu, looking for a plain beef rice noodle soup, so I could compare their fare to others'. The woman who greeted me was very friendly, but there was definitely some communication difficulty. I ordered a soup, a vermicelli for my wife, and an order of Vietnamese spring rolls. After a reasonable 10-15 minutes it was ready, and I was off to home to try it out.

The good news is that the broth was actually quite good - not as flavourful as some, but definitely not plain, and it didn't seem to be MSG laden, although my built-in MSG-o-meter isn't known for its accuracy. There was plenty of beef. As for the vermicelli my wife thought it was good if not excellent, and at that it was better than the other Orleans pho restaurant. The grilled pork was tasty and plentiful, and the noodles weren't mushy or chewy.

The bad news: the spring rolls were terrible. Well the stuffing was good - comprised of shrimp and crab with the usual veggie and noodle filling - but the wrap and especially the inside part of the wrap was thick and mushy and even a bit chewy. Also, there must be opening-month kinks to work out as I received no "fixings" at all i.e. no basil, sprouts, hot pepper, etc. Also, the beef was put right in the broth instead of on the side in another container, so by the time I got home it was not just cooked through but bordering on tough. There wasn't a lot of fixings for the vermicelli either. Usually one would see a little mound of peanuts with some sprouts and veggies, but there wasn't much of anything.

I will definitely be back. Not just because it is the closest to where I live, or because it is one of only 2 Vietnamese places within 20 minutes drive, but because I think it has promise and any restaurant usually has kinks to workout in the first few (weeks? months?). I'm hoping it will garner a higher rating once they tweak their broth and present their soup better, at least for takeout. Plus, I have to give them some benefit of the doubt as I got take-out rather which is always a bit worse than sitting down for a meal.

rating: 7