Pho Thu Do

Posted on 2011-02-03 13:51

781 Somerset Street W

Thu Do moved from their old location at 765 Somerset to this new place at 781 Somerset. There used to be another restaurant at this location calld Mee Xim, which no longer exists as far as I know. The move happened about the beginning of 2011. The reason is that the old building got a new landlord and the landlord didn’t want to upgrade the kitchen, so they decided to move to a more modern place.

They now have an online menu on their website and you can see that it has expanded from before. Prices remain similar or slightly higher than before.

There are also comments and reviews from our thoughts on Pho Thu Do from years ago.


A change for the better (mostly)

I never thought I'd see Thu Do change let alone move - it has been such a stalwart unchanging fixture in the turbulent Pho Ottawa scene. Yet I find myself a few doors down at their new digs. Seems like the capacity is not much changed. The only negative I would say is that the new place lacks the charm and cozy feeling the other place had. Of course the restrooms at the old location were to be avoided as well. Actually a second small negative - the service was not nearly as fast as before. It would be literally minutes after you ordered when your soup would arrive at the old place; this time it was more on par with other pho restaurants.

Luckily the menu has indeed changed - or more accurately expanded. The soup options are generally unchanged, but there are more choices for vermicelli and rice dishes, as well as more fancy drinks and desserts. As for the soup itself - seems to be just as good as before. I also had the deep fried spring rolls to make sure they were also unchanged, and they weren't. I don't know of another Pho restaurant that serves them in the same style.

rating: 8.5 (more soup options would make it a 9)

I don't think it's a change

I don't think it's a change for the better. When I went, all the staff looked to be different. Maybe it was the day I went, but it looks like ownership changed when the location changed.
The pho also did not taste the same as the old location and the portions were smaller.
The old Pho Thu Do was the best in Ottawa; this new one is not very good.