Pho Thang Long

Posted on 2006-04-02 08:41

#10, 1315 Richmond Road

Another place outside of the downtown core, in a small strip mall not too far from a Walmart. A medium-sized place with good decor that includes lots of newspaper reviews adorning the walls.

The menu is medium-sized as well. A good set of basic and special versions of pho. One interesting item is a choose-your-own pho with choices of medium-rare sliced beef, well-done sliced beef, beef flank, beef fat, beef tripe, quail egg, chicken, beef tendon, beef balls and vegetables. Any one or two items cost $6.75 for a large and 3 or more items for $7.50.

The Sunday hours on the take-out menu were crossed out so that may mean that the place is closed Sundays. Other days, they’re open from 10AM or 11AM until 9PM.


Fast friendly service at a

Fast friendly service at a superb price!

Best place in west end ottawa for pho style!

Give this place a try!


Jonathan Forget

I started with salad rolls

I started with salad rolls with shrimp, vermicelli and lettuce. These were good.

Next came the soup. It was your basic pho with lots of good ingredients. The overall taste was really fine, although there was too much MSG for my taste.

I went on a Friday evening and there was one or two other tables occupied so service was fast and efficient.

Overall, a nice place, and good enough to save you a trip downtown, if you're in the neighbourhood.

Rating: 7.5