Pho Sai Gon

Posted on 2005-06-17 21:07

300 Booth Street

This place is closed

A fairly small place that is similar in character to Pho Thu Do.

The menu is small, but does contain some non-soup items like spring rolls, bun (meat, spring rolls and/or veggies on rice vermicelli) and some dishes on rice, like grilled chicken. Drinks are available, for example milkshakes and iced coffees.

Prices are very reasonable with small bowls of pho for $4.29 and larges for $5.79.


I also think the broth was

I also think the broth was very good - I finished it down to the last drop and I usually don't do that! The noodles were also very plentifull, so I could get away with ordering one size smaller than I usually do.

It would be nice for a bit more selection (in terms of egg noodle, shrimp, etc.), but the beef I had in my soup was good.

The spring rolls I had during my previous visit were the best of any pho place; this time, they were good but not awesome.

Rating: 8.0


I enjoyed the broth here

I enjoyed the broth here better than most places. It tastes like there's not much salt and there's also not much fat in there. But it's still delicious. The soup seems to be hotter, temperature-wise, here than other places, as it stays hot throughout the meal. I had the basic rare beef rice noodle dish.

This restaurant is similar to Pho Thu Do because the owner of Pho Sai Gon used to work at Pho Thu Do.

The combination pork-and-shrimp spring rolls were hot, crispy and delicious. It would have been nicer for them to be served at the beginning of the meal instead of after the soup had come, though.

I don't usually do this, but I finished my meal with a mung bean and durian milkshake ($3.50). Not too bad although a little sweeter than I liked.

Service was good. Not too fast and not too slow. This may have been helped by the fact that my group was the only one in the restaurant for much of the time.

Rating: 8.5