Pho Rua Vang

Posted on 2005-09-16 13:07

343 Booth Street (upstairs)

This restaurant is closed


This place, also called The Golden Turtle Restaurant, is across the street from the well known and very busy New Mee Fung. It is up the stairs from another restaurant, although there is no apparent connection between the two.

Their menu is quite large and cheap with prices mostly ranging in the $6 range. There is only a limited selection of soup sizes though - some have L and XL to choose from, while others are only one size.

UPDATE: As noted by one of the commenters, this place is CLOSED. See Pho Hoang Linh for another restaurant that has opened at the same address.


You will all be sadden (me

You will all be sadden (me included) to learn that it is now closed. A new restaurant opened in its place (Pho Hoang Linh). The food is pretty good, but I haven't tried the pho yet.

Mathieu Nadeau

This is the best Pho place

This is the best Pho place ever!!!!! We've been to Pho restaurants all over North America (and even Australia) and this one is the best! It's family owned and operated and was one of the original Pho restaurants to open in Ottawa. Not sure what the other ppl are talking about when they say the broth is full of MSG. We've been in the kitchen and they make the broth fresh from scratch everyday. The secret ingredient is cinnamon sticks, not MSG. Anyways, the soup is incredible, the spring rolls are awesome (especially if you wrap them in the lettuce that is served with it) and the milk shakes are to die for (try the lychee).


I've now been to the Golden

I've now been to the Golden Turtle three times, and I most definitely will return. Their food is amazing, the portions are just the right size, the price is incredibly decent, and the staff is courteous -- I like it when waiters keep their distance. I never felt as though I was being pushed into buying anything, which left my options wide open. Also, the best bubble tea in town, the trip down to the restaurant is worth it just for that. If you're looking for a quiet place to go, this is it. Enjoy, I sure did.


Some surprises for me. That

Some surprises for me. That there was a pho place here. That there was another pho place in the same building. That this was a good pho place. That the place was pretty well packed that Friday.

The last two, about the quality and the fullness of the place, kind of go hand-in-hand. No surprise there.

I had the basic rare beef in a beef broth with rice noodles. The flavour was subtle and delicious.

Lots of choices on the menu, but not always available. I wanted to have a milkshake with my meal and there were many flavours listed, but the waiter said that they were all out except for one flavour that did not interest me.

The MSG was on the high side, unfortunately, but of course made the flavour stand out.

This place is a keeper.

Rating: 8


It's always nice to find a

It's always nice to find a new Pho place. At first it was a bit confusing, as there is another Pho restaurant in the basement. It is of a medium size, and on this Friday was quite busy. The decor wasn't too bad, but the furniture and floors are in need of redoing.

The menu is huge, and similar to the New Mee Fung's, with lots of Pho choices, plus Vermicelli, some roll-ups, Jumbo Shrimp, appetizers, and lots of strange shakes of which they mostly couldn't make probably because the fruit was out of season.

They first brought out tea. It was quite weak, and tasted almost like hot water. Then I started with the usual Vietnamese style spring rolls. They were a good average - nice and crispy on the outside, but not enough shrimp filling inside. I ordered a beef with shrimp and egg noodle soup, which had a reasonable amount of beef but only 2 shrimp. The broth had a bit of a different flavour - a bit of garlic, lots of MSG, and something else not quite sure what. It was quite good though - I'd go back for it.

Unfortunately, there were not enough choices for size - some soup categories had L and XL, while other categories had only one size. Mine only came in one size, and was approximately equivalent to a medium at other Pho restaurants.

So overall, pretty good broth, averagely good spring rolls, and cheap price.

Rating: 7.5