Pho Moonlight

Posted on 2007-04-14 10:24

442 Hazeldean Rd

A busy little Vietnamese restaurant in the south end of Kanata located within one of the many strip malls along Hazeldean Rd. Their menu contains a variety of dishes which include pho, rice dishes, and vermicelli. The decor was simple, and the tables and chairs unassumingly basic. The atmosphere was bustling as patrons were standing by the door waiting for tables to open up.

The Pho soups come in S,M,L, but the specialty soups only come in M.

Hours are from 11am to 10pm daily. There is some parking within the strip mall.


I was just there for pho on

I was just there for pho on Tuesday night. I have been there about 10 times since it opened and I have never had a bad experience with the food. I do agree that Mr. Pho is the best place I have been to for pho, but Pho Moonlight is as good as most of the other Pho places I have been. I have received nothing but polite, friendly service - although I have not had any occasion to complain about a dish that was served. I was there Tuesday with 3 others and we were all satisfied with our 3 orders of pho and 1 order of bun. We eat Vietnamese, Thai and Indian on a very regular basis so we are not novices in the Asian cuisine genre.

So @#$!@#$#@ good veggie soup!!!!

There vegetarian soup is so @!#%$!@#$#@$ good!!!


Read the menu came across fettuccine pasta, I have tremendous doubt about this dish, Vietnamese restaurant making pasta kind of make you wonder. I ordered (619) pasta dish. Wow, the flavour was distinctively good, food was tasty and fresh more importantly is extremely light in comparison to many pasta dishes I have eaten. Price is very reasonable, try for yourself and you be surprise by the amazing dish.

nice and light

Is a routine for me once a week, the chicken noodle soup with veggies here is simply delicious. the service here is prompt and friendly. I love pho moonlight everything here is not greasy or heavy. Truly recommended.


I used to work at pho moonlight they make their fresh roll, spring roll and other foods beforehand. They keep them in the freezer for months and heat it up for the customers when they order it. all the big chain-restaurants out there like subways, kfc, local hero, tim horton etc have the same concept keep everything frozen and served you. EAT FRESH, MADE FRESH, we all fool by it. also, we get group tips i preferred not.
The owner is german not vietnamese or chinese, they don`t know how to cook asian soup, they used campbell chicken broth. they don`t speak english at all. I think i will stay home and cook myself.

not so fresh "fresh" paper rolls

I just found out that Pho Moonlight makes their fresh paper rolls in the morning and keep selling them throughout the day... that's not so fresh. I know how long it takes to make those paper rolls and they only take few minutes. Apparently, when you order them they warm up the paper rolls that's been made hours ago. This is what my friend who used to work there told me. He also told me that he didn't get to keep the tip. I didn't like that fact at all, I don't pay the tip so it can go into the owner's pockets. I pay the tip as a thank you for the service the servers provided me. So, for me this place is a no no.

Tips? The staff split the tips

Your friend must be misleading you about the tips. I checked with one of the staff who says they share the tips among the staff.

I still like the soup

The soup is still very good, but I don't like the price. I've been going here for many years but not so much anymore.

I've been doing without meat lately, and I ask for pho without meat and with tofu and veggies. Yes, I know pho is made with beef broth, but I tell myself that's OK. And I believe myself.

For a large bowl like that, they charge about $12.50. That's including tax but not including a tip. They obviously add for extras but don't subtract for omissions.

That's too bad.

Not as expensive this time

I was there again today and they charged $11.50 for the bowl, including taxes but not including a tip. Either my memory is bad or prices have relaxed slightly.

Still expensive, but I want to correct the record.

An update for this

An update for this restaurant. I've found that over the past year, the quality of the Pho has improved substantially. It's now easily become my favourite Pho place in Kanata, and I now return for regular visits.

Update rating: 8


Wow, there are actually a

Wow, there are actually a number of pho places in Kanata - that's great, closer to work than downtown. Was really busy, but despite that service was really slow. Had to continually ask for tea, especially as they gave us only 1 teapot for a table of 8 people.

The shrimp and pork wraps were actually quite good. I ordered a small with rare beef and brisket. The beef was well done and there was no brisket. I can only assume that they were assembling soups quickly under pressure and so made mistakes. Also, the broth was, if not bad, quite ordinary. I got the impression they were using extra spicyness to hide the blandness. Still, it wasn't horrible though. I'll try again sometime.

rating: 6.5


This place is clean. But the

This place is clean. But the pho is just okay. In the summer, I would prefer to drive to downtown for Pho instead of Kanata. In the winter time, this place provides the convenience.


Well, it's another Pho

Well, it's another Pho restaurant in Kanata to try out. Our rather large group took up a big portion of the busy little restaurant and so people were waiting by the door all during the lunch hour to get a table.

I had my regular fare of egg noodle soup with seafood sate. The spicy sate was abundant in the soup and overpowering over the otherwise bland broth. The seafood contained a mussel in its shell which I was thrilled about, but I was disappointed when it was old and chewy.

The rice wraps with peanut dipping sauce was good as they were moist and cool. Others at the table, however, did not enjoy the spring rolls they ordered which were mushy.

Rating: 6.5