Pho Mi 108

Posted on 2008-02-26 12:51

3825 Richmond Road, Bells Corners

This place is CLOSED. Another place called Koi Asia is now in that location.

This is in a small strip mall in back of a Pizza Hut.

A medium soup costs $6 and a large is $7. Two spring rolls cost $3.25. They also serve a variety of appetisers, bun ($7 to $8), steamed rice dished (most around $7 to $8, and up to $11 for some dishes containing jumbo shrimp). Plates of rice wraps and contents are $10 to $14.

Hours are from 11AM to 9PM every day except on Mondays when they close at 4PM.


Better than last time

Last time I had the stew, and the spring rolls weren't very good. This time, I had #220 which was rice noodles with shrimp. Broth was quite good, the shrimp were reasonably plentiful, and the fresh rolls were I'd say slightly above average.

The place was packed and we got there at the worst time (12:15pm) - but still it took over 20 minutes to see our soups.

rating: 7

I am surprised at the

I am surprised at the neutral/negative comments about this place. True, they are a bit stingy on the fixin's, and the spring rolls are basically tasteless (which is on par with most places even on Somerset - but it's really about the soup anyway), but I think the broth is one of the best I have tasted - and personally, I love a thin layer of fat on top.

The soup is $1 cheaper than most places outside of Somerset, and they don't charge for noodle substitution like the Ox head.

I have only experienced slow service on Fridays at lunch when the place is filled to capacity. All other times, service is great, and they have never screwed up my order - unlike Ox Head who, for a few months, constanly got my order wrong.

This place will always be my first choice for soup in the west end.


The slowest lunch service in

The slowest lunch service in town. We have been waiting here for over 30mins and still nothing. I am about to lose it! this better be worth the wait!


OK, it was actually worth the

OK, it was actually worth the wait! My meal was very, very good. 8 out of 10! But beware if you have a 1pm meeting!

Darren De Jean

Pho in Bell's Corners. This

Pho in Bell's Corners. This Pho-nomenon is really spreading across Ottawa.

I started with the shrimp rolls. Unfortunately, it was mostly wrap with just a tiny morsel of filling. In fact, I don't even know if there was any filling, as all I could taste was the rice wrap. On to the soup, I had assorted seafood with egg noodles. However, disappointingly, not much in the way of "assorted seafood". On the plus side, the broth was tasty enough and plenty of egg noodles was provided.

Rating: 7


Another soup place to try -

Another soup place to try - and came recommended to boot.

I tried the deep fried spring rolls (2 rolls), and the pho "with stew and carrot", which came in one size for $6.99. First the spring rolls. Not very good. Were freshly fried and presented, but all I could taste was the wrapper. There was far too little filling, and what I could taste of it was only carrot. The soup had reasonably tasty broth, but to me was very greasy. Had a bit of spice, but the beef was very fatty and there was literally only 2 pieces of carrot. Egg noodles were plentiful, but nothing much else at all except a few onion wisps. Could have been hotter.

All in all, disappointing. I will go back to try the "regular" beef pho though, as others were making pleasant noises about it.

rating: 6 / 10