Pho Hoang Linh

Posted on 2007-10-20 12:43

343 Booth St.

This place is CLOSED. Or maybe just the name is changed. See Hoang Vietnamese Bistro for the latest incarnation of this restaurant.

This place is across the street from the New Mee Fung and is upstairs. If this sounds familiar, then you are correct because it is the same space that used to be called Pho Rua Vang. Once again, it is upstairs in the same building as another pho restaurant although there is no apparent connection between the two.

Pho Hoaing Linh has the usual selection of spring rolls and other appetisers, beef noodle soups, buns (rice vermicelli), rice dishes, and some rice paper roll ups. There’s also a selection of drinks if you are into that.

The hours are 10AM to 10PM most days and open slightly later on weekends.

Soup comes in small ($4.99), large ($5.99) and extra large ($6.99).


Well, this place seems very

Well, this place seems very familiar. Same place, similar if not the same furnishings and decorations, and maybe even the same menu as the place that used to be at this address, Pho Rua Vang.

I had a very ordinary beef pho (without any meat) and found it very good. While my last visit to Pho Rua Vang was too long ago to remember details, I know that I enjoyed that place. And this restaurant seems just as good. The broth was tangy, meaty-flavoured and contained lots of noodles and veggies, just as it should be. It was served at a very high temperature so it took a while to finish. Since I went there in October, the high temperature was welcome.

I arrived at noon on a Friday and the place was practically empty. But 10 minutes later and the place was full and there was a lineup to sit. Service was acceptably speedy for a full place and all soup dishes at our table came out at the same time. This seems natural to me but I wish more places did that.

Overall, I like it.

Rating: 8