Pho Bo Ga

Posted on 2005-05-24 19:55

12A Lebreton N

This restaurant has a large menu, but serves mainly soup with a limited selection of appetisers. There’s a board full of specials that never seem to change.

Weekends, this place is open until 4 A.M.


Today was the first time I've

Today was the first time I've been there since my original review. The specials are still on the board. They're still the same as far as I can tell. The menu also looks unchanged, at least the content.

The upshot of this is that it doesn't really need to change. I enjoyed this at least as much as my previous visit, particularly the rich, meaty broth. My MSG-o-meter was going off a bit, but not overly so.

This place is a keeper. I think I'll put it back on my rotation. Not really sure why it ever went off my rotation, other than I don't have the opportunity to go downtown as much as I used to.

Rating: 8 (unchanged)


I think their broth has

I think their broth has garlic, but not overly so. I think better of it than Jonathan.

Nice soup, particularly "Special A"

This place has changed hands many times over the years and has gone to each end of the spectrum of bad and good. Right now, they're good.

Rating: 8


The good: I like their deep

The good: I like their deep fried spring rolls. They also have a combination I like, which has both rice and egg noodles in one soup.

The bad: lately I find their broth to be a bit on the "garlicky" side.