Pho Bo Ga LA

Posted on 2005-07-18 15:22

784 Somerset St. W.
(613) 230-2931

This is another of the Pho-Bo-Ga chain of restaurants. This one shares the same menu as the others, but doesn’t offer the “Special’s” menu board. The soup-only menu is a basic array of beef soups as well as various sate offerings. It shares a parking lot behind the restaurant with Pho Bo Ga, where you can find crammed parking there if you come early enough. The cash-only payment method is limiting, so be sure to bring in the greenbacks or you’ll be washing dishes in the back.


Pho Bo Ga LA & Pho Bo Ga

Pho Bo Ga LA & Pho Bo Ga Fusion ais one owner & they get most volume costumers. They cook with marijuana in their foods to increase appetite. People always wanted to go back for more. If you eat there for long time, of course it's not good for your brain & health.

you crazy person. Why would

you crazy person. Why would they cook with marijuana? You can get addicted from that. The food is good itself. The only reason why people keep on going back there is because they have no will to try out new restaurant.

Being so much like other Pho

Being so much like other Pho Bo Ga's, it's hard to come up with something original to say about this place.

I had a sate pho with combination rice noodles and egg noodles, some bbq pork and some beef strips. Delicious as usual.

This place was fairly busy and service suffered because of it. Not overly slow, though.

Rating: 8


Back to one of our usual

Back to one of our usual establishments in order to give it the review for our blog. No "Special's" menu board, so I couldn't order my usual "Special A" as at others in the Pho Bo Ga chain. But, I ordered a similar offering of Beef and Shrimp Sate w/ Egg Noodle.

The broth was nice and tasty and doesn't have the garlicly taste that Pho Bo Ga seems to have introduced lately. The hot (hot and cold hot) soup was still steaming even as I was finishing off the bowl. I almost drank all of the broth which is unusual for me as I usually leave a large amount left over.

The shrimp spring rolls appeared to be over-fried, as the edges of the wraps were noticeably white and crusty. There were 3 rolls per plate which was a bonus roll over others.

Rating: 7.5