Pho Bo Ga King

Posted on 2010-07-23 13:24

778 Somerset St. West

A new entry in the Pho Bo Ga “chain” that’s been open since last year.

Open daily 10AM to 1AM, and Friday and Saturday until 4AM.

The menu is similar to others in that they have pho, Bun, Hu Tieu, Com, appetisers and drinks.

Pho comes in 4 sizes. Smalls are $6, Mediums are $7, Larges are $8 and XLs are $9.

This is right in the heart of Chinatown so parking is very hit and miss.


The next generation of "Pho" restaurant !!

i've been visiting this newly restaurant every week, the reasons are quite simple, the place is very clean, looking modern, the menu show pictures of all
the foods and drinks, and it's very comfortable seating with great music.
My husband really like the vermicelli here, he always eat "bun with bbq chicken, beef & springroll", and my kids love the soup, the broth is not salty, and no MSG tasting at all. The service are quick and friendly, the waitress very polite, so...i usually gave her a lot of tips :)
i would recommend this place to my friends, i'll give it a 9/10 (because it's a bit small, so dinner filled up very quickly...sometime we have to wait a bit for a table).

Pretty tasty

I had the deep fried shrimp spring rolls, they were fresh and tasty. Had to try my usual favourite - the same #39 as several of the other restaurants around - shrimp and bbq pork with rice and egg noodles. The medium size was typical. There were quite a few inedible bits in the pork unfortunately, but otherwise the soup was good. The broth was very good, although there were reports of excessive MSG, which I'm not particularly susceptible to so "whatever...". The server (likely one of the owners) seemed a bit frazzled, and there were a few minor confusing moments as everything was delivered. Had to make a special effort to ask for extra tea.

In the end though the soup was good - I'll be back again.

Note: I checked the Inspection record done by the city and good news, 2 out of 3 were "In Compliance" while the 3rd was a minor ventilation issue.

Rating: 7.5

Bun #10 - Beef, Chicken, Pork - Best I've had in Ottawa!

I had Bun #10 which included BBQ Chicken, BBQ Beef, and BBQ Pork and it's the best I've had in Ottawa. The meet was tasty and tender, and looked to come from good cuts. The predominant flavour was a good mixture of the BBQ taste from the meat, the Thai Basil and the usual fixings of hoisin and hot sauce. I always ask for a small bowl of Pho broth instead of the Fish Sauce. I use that to mix in the sauces, then pour the whole thing on top of the Bun. Very Tasty!

I also had the Beef Satay rice wrap. This was not so great. The beef had no seasoning, and tasted like plain hamburger meet cooked in a frying pan. Also the peanut sauce that came with it was not the best I've ever had. I would skip this menu item next time.

The restaurant itself was nice and clean. It wasn't very large, but had enough tables to accomodate about 40-50 people. I really liked the menu, especially for Bun as they give you a wide choice of combinations, but also let you make your own!

The service was good, considering the restaurant was completly full. The woman that served us was very nice, and it seemed like she genuinly wanted to make sure we were enjoying our meals.

Despite the Beef Wrap, I will give this place an 8.5 because the Bun was so good.


I gave up on finding a vegetarian item and got Shrimp Bun after my third time looking through the menu from front to back. It was tasty and reasonably priced, although having to take cash out of the ATM because they don't have interac or credit was a bit of a pain. I give them a 7 out of 10 springrolls.


Although their business card advertises vegetarian, those items are few and far between. I noticed a vegetarian noodle soup and some vegetarian spring rolls. Oh well, at least they have the core items.

Seating was good for us. We arrived just before noon on a Friday and managed to get a table for 9. It's not that large a place but was full for most of the lunch time.

The menu has lots of nice pictures, which is very helpful They even showed pictures of all the different types of spring rolls, even though the basic spring roll looks the same.

Service was reasonable, with two wait staff. Both were very busy.

My order was a large bowl of vegetarian. A good size, and I had no trouble finishing it. Seems to be a lot of MSG though, as my "detector" went off right away. It had rice noodles, not too many, not too few, and sliced shiitake mushrooms, and some sliced napa cabbage. Very flavourful broth, though that may have been influenced by the aforementioned MSG.

Prices are reasonable, plus they gave us a ten percent discount. I don't know if this is a limited time offer though.

Rating: 7.5. I recommend this place but they lost half a point for MSG.

No Msg in their broth, got

No Msg in their broth, got this confirmed by the owner herself. I doubt she would lie about the ingredients, since we have been very loyal customers and go there weekly. The broth is done from scratch, and so far, they have refused to give us their secret recipe !! :(