Pho Bo Ga 3

Posted on 2006-02-06 09:00

947 Somerset St. W.

Another restaurant in the Pho Bo Ga line, the owner is apparently friends with the owners of the others in the “chain”. It is located further down Somerset from the main glut of Pho places, just past Preston. It is of reasonable size if not large, having a number of tables for 4 that are quite spacious. The decor is fine, being clean and feeling spacious.

The menu is similar, bordering on identical to the menu of the other Pho Bo Ga’s, with the usual Beef, Chicken, and Egg noodle soup combinations. There is a small list of additional specials which also strikes familiar, and includes some sate varieties. A few appetizers and fancy drinks tops off the list.

Prices are fairly standard, ranging from $4.99 for a small to $7.99 for an XL. Their hours are 10am to 10pm Sunday through Tuesday, and 10am to 1am Wednesday through Saturday. They will also deliver on orders of $15 or more.


Was my first time back in a

Was my first time back in a while, so I was looking forward to it. Was the only person there when I came in, but half an hour later it was, if not packed, at least busy.

There was an unfortunate miscommunication regarding the soup of the person I was with, but mine came out reasonably quickly. Instead of my usual, I tried the soup with Chinese mushrooms. Very tasty. I had started with some rolls, which were also good. Not spectacular, but good.

Soup was an 8.5, appetizers were maybe 7.0.

rating: 7.75


My first visit back since we

My first visit back since we originally reviewed the place last year.

There were only two of us today. We arrived at noon on a Friday and were both able to park on the street directly in front of the restaurant. It was kind of a sloppy day, weather-wise, so that was very much appreciated.

Inside, there was only one other table occupied when we arrived, but by the time we received our food it was about 2/3 full, so they do have some business. That's good. There are lots of pho restaurants these days, so getting enough business to go around is probably tough.

Anyway, I ordered my new "usual" these days which is pho with veggies and tofu but no meat.

It took a long time for my order to come and I had to ask about it. They said that they thought I meant "to go" so weren't bringing it right away. Must be my lousy handwriting. But once I asked about it, it arrived really fast.

Anyway, once I got it, it was pretty good. The veggies consisted of napa lettuce, mushrooms (mmmm!), green onions and sauteed regular onions.

Similar to my other visit, there was some MSG but not overly so. And once again, the soup could have been warmer but I didn't notice right away. The tea was likewise lukewarm and this I did notice that right away.

Where it counts, at least for me, is in the taste of the broth, and they're spot on again. Delish.

My rating is slightly down from last time. I give them:

Rating: 7.5


Well, I must sadly express my

Well, I must sadly express my disappointment with PBG3. I have been a patron of the original for some time now, and have always enjoyed their fast, courteous service. Their menu is Pho-Standard and the broths have always been tasty.

Recently, I visited PBG-3 for the first time, in the interest of avoiding the more dense area east of Booth.

My Mistake.

The service was confused. Specials on offer weren't available. But most disappointing was the glacial pace of service. FORTY minutes from order to spring rolls. One Hour from order to the main course. We left as they were bringing out our standard fare Phos.

They were understanding that we didn't want to stay, but their lack of organization, and glacial service will keep me from returning. I do hope it's a different owner from the original.


ya kno, all the pho bo ga

ya kno, all the pho bo ga places are the same menus, some of them only half the dishes. Its what i dont like, all the same, everytime. Dont bother trying to go to Pho bo ga 3, go to the original, same same thing. The chain isnt even a chain, people get permission to name their restaurants pho bo ga, because they know its one of the most popular pho in chinatown (back in the precambrian age). I notice now that new pho places are cropping up (with BETTER pho) pho bo ga is losing its touch. At 3 o clock in the morning, there were people in Pho Huong que, eating, coming and going. THE PLACE WAS FULL! And it wasnt a party, some individuals, but mostly a group of 2,3, or 4. well anyway, i think the pbg chain is LAME-O and that you should try different restaurants.


There's not much to say

There's not much to say beyond the other comments. They have it nailed down with it's very much like the other Pho Bo Ga's.

I had a Special A and was not disappointed. It's temperature wasn't as warm as I would like it, but I never noticed that until near the end. I had an extra-large, so you can imagine that it was sitting for some time before I neared the end.

The broth was OK, and I never noticed much MSG. I think there was a bit, but not bothersome.

This restaurant is really out of the way compared to other places, but people were coming and going throughout our meal. Maybe they wanted to get out of the rain.

Overall, I enjoyed my meal. It lived up to the reputation of the others with similar monikers.

Rating: 8


'Sometimes you want to go,

'Sometimes you want to go, where everybody knows your name, and they're always glad you came.'

Pho is comfort food and the Pho-Bo-Ga chain resonates comfort. From the reliable spring rolls to the always tasty soup broth.

I ordered the "Special A" as per usual at Pho-Bo-Ga, and got the reliable soup I'd always come to expect. Maybe a little light on the noodle portion for my medium sized bowl, but the stir-fried beef and bbq pork were adequate and tasty. The standard (3) shrimps were on the smallish size.

The piping hot spring rolls which were stuffed with visible pieces of shrimp - always desirable over shrimp mush - did not disappoint.

Rating: 8


I'm not sure if I was

I'm not sure if I was expecting something really different, but somehow I was a bit dissapointed in how similar this place was to the other Pho Bo Ga's. Not dissapointed in the food, but just in that it wasn't new and different. Vive la difference, right?

Anyway, we got there and there were a few other people but it was not busy. Our table was nice and spacious, which is a bonus since it helps to avoid splashes from your neighbours. The menu is the same down to the ordering numbers, so I tried one of my favourites to compare (#45 - the BBQ pork and shrimp with egg noodle). The broth was average but not a bad average, although the shrimp were small and slightly overdone. The spring rolls we started with were tasty, but on the expensive side at $2.95 for 2.

Really not much else to say - service was fine, tea was fine, everything was, well, fine.

Rating: 7.5