Pho Bo Ga 2

Posted on 2005-05-27 11:55

843 Somerset St W.

Another place that serves mainly soup. They’ve only been open for a year or two.

There’s a parking lot next door, if you are lucky enough to find a spot.

Like most pho places, they’re inexpensive. Prices range from $5 for a small bowl to almost $9 for the extra large. Plus tax and tip.


this place has good soup but

this place has good soup but the chop sicks and spoons are really dirty.. their soo busy its hard for them to keep clean.

george tang

This is my staple Pho place.

This is my staple Pho place. Maybe because it's where I got introduced to it many years ago. I've tried other places but as Steve mentioned, consistantly good food. Recommend it.

I've been easily a dozen+ times.


General comment on my

General comment on my experiences on Pho in Ottawa. I've been going for various flavors of Pho for about 15 years in Ottawa. Started with Mee Fung, then went to New Mee Fung, then went to Pho Bo Ga, then Pho Bo Ga 2 and Pho Bo Ga LA to name a few.

I have found that by far the most consistently good Pho can be found only at one place: Pho Bo Ga 2. Other restaurants (some of the better ones) have a similiar tasting broth, but fall short because of waiting to serve it for too long, or the broth isn't quite hot enough in the first place. I have yet to be disappointed at Pho Bo Ga 2.


Pho Bo Ga 2 is the best!

We used to go to Pho Bo Ga, which we loved, but one day tried Pho Bo Ga 2 and loved it even more! We've been ordering from there for more than 5 years now and have never been disappointed, both with eat-in and takeout. Pho Bo Ga 3 is good as well, but you always wait longer for your food.

I LOVE PHO! im addicted and

I LOVE PHO! im addicted and it is my favorite place to go after i finish drinking cause your open so late;)


Grant, Kevin lets get

Grant, Kevin lets get fuh!!

we love phobo ga 2 it is the best fuh in town


Pho Bo Ga 2 has been my

Pho Bo Ga 2 has been my number 1 pho place since they opened. Great tasting meat, especially the shrimp. Egg noodles are very good there. Don't forget to try to deep fried shrip wonton appetizer. SO good. :-)

Rating: 9


I also enjoy their soup.

I also enjoy their soup. Lately, I find the meat has been of only fair quality, and the shrimp have been overcooked / tough, even though I eat them right away. This may not necessarily be a trend though.

Their new summer drinks are definitely welcome, what with the hot days yet to come. The Lychee on ice is simple but refreshing.

I also agree that the service, although always pleasant, is quite slow.

Rating: 7.5 (xtra points for the new drinks)


The soup is as good as any in

The soup is as good as any in town. The sate specials is spicy enough and contains enough noodles and meat for the bowl size.

I find that the spring rolls are never cooked enough. The roll is not crispy enough and is pasty on the inside.

I tried the new lychee shake and it was light and tasty. The lychee chunks were small enough to swallow easily through the thick straw.

The service is often slow, even when the restaurant seems empty.

Rating: 7