Pho Bamboo

Posted on 2007-03-29 10:59

1792 Bank Street (at Alta Vista)

A rather unassuming place from the outside, it is nicely decorated with what else but bamboo everywhere. It is larger than it looks, and much nicer inside that the outside out seem to indicate. There is also the potential for a patio in warmer weather, with 2 garage style doors that open from the inside.

They have a good variety on their menu, serving the usual soups, rice platters, and vermicelli dishes along with roll ups and appetizers. Prices range from $5.95 to $7.95 for the soup. They accept credit and debit. There is also parking in the back, although it is a narrow squeeze and rather dark and dingy at night. Their hours are Mon - Sun 11am - 10pm.


The atmosphere alone makes

The atmosphere alone makes Pho Bamboo worth visiting. Fountains with koi fish swimming around, lovely plants, professional murals, and great music.
The food? It's good. Not overwhelmingly fantastic, but good. When I go there has always been the plate of greens, automatic tea, and "spoons and sticks" as someone mentioned above, so I can't really comment on that. I've never had a problem with the service either.

Cheap prices too.


I agree it takes too long to

I agree it takes too long to make the food togo and normally. They often do mixs up oders especially because they mix up sprig rolls and salad rolls but their meals have a lot more meat then other places.

moo moo

First time visit, very

First time visit, very disappointed.

We went on a Saturday evening for take out. It took over 25 minutes for the order to be prepared, and during that time, they informed us that there wasn't any chicken left and so we had to change our order.

When we brought the food home, I opened my package and was sadly disappointed at the tiny portion of food offered. I ordered the rice paper roll ups, which usually at other Pho places come with several rice wraps for rolling, I was given ONE small ripped piece that was laying at the bottom of the sparse noodles and dry meat.

That and the noodle soup were extremely bland. I constantly added more Hoisin sauce and hot sauce in hopes that I would be able to taste anything, still in disbelief that I was only provided the one rice paper roll. The spring rolls were the only redeeming factor.

I'm very surprised in this booming Pho market one place could possibly expect to provide such poor turn around and bland food and expect to survive amongst the competition. I will never go there again.

My recommendation is take the extra few minutes trip and find another place for some Vietnamese cuisine.


to add on... when we arrived

to add on... when we arrived there were only 4 tables of customers, all of which already were either eating or were finished.


I'm always keen to try a new

I'm always keen to try a new Pho place - yea! I wasn't sure what to expect at first - it looks run down from the outside, and the parking at back was full, dirty, and dark. I didn't feel that my car or myself were particularly safe, actually. Except my car is a '91 Hyundai so no worries. I parked beside the new silver Jetta. Anyway.

Thankfully, it was quite nice inside - bamboo everywhere, with decent tables and decorations. We were shown to a table, where we waited 5 minutes for the menus, and 10 minutes before somebody wandered close enough that we could ask for tea.

Ok, so the service isn't going to be stellar. Actually bordering on not good. So how was the soup? Fairly good. I had one of my fav's - rice and egg noodles with bbq pork and shrimp. The meat wasn't too fatty, and the shrimp were not over cooked. The broth was hot, and if not the best I've had at least respectable. Not sure about the MSG factor, my built-in detector has been on the fritz lately. My friend had a rice dish, and said it was OK. Oh yeah, tried their salad rolls with shrimp - were somewhere between average and good.

It is more on the restaurant side than some of the quick pho places in Chinatown. You do not write your own order, nor do they automatically bring tea, nor are there "spoons and sticks" on the table. They also don't bring a plate of greens and sprouts. I could've asked for it, but they may have looked at me strangely and I didn't feel like going to the trouble.

Not much else to say. I'll go back to try their sate someday.

rating: 7