Pho Bac

Posted on 2005-10-20 12:59

873 Somerset St. W

Smallish place, with a large menu of mostly soup and Bun, but they also have rice dishes and even congee. Prices are similar to everywhere else - $4.75 for a small, up to $7.00 for a large. They do have some interesting types of soup not seen in other Pho restaurants, such as shrimp dumpling and snail.

The decor is reasonable, although the walls and floor have seen a few years. There is also a nice disco ball in the main room, ready for (presumably) karaoke in the evenings.

There is plenty of parking on the street, as this far down Somerset is rarely busy.


It took me two visits to be

It took me two visits to be able to write this review, and I'm still not convinced. Convinced it's good or convinced it's bad.

The broth was bland, even with MSG (I have a minor physical reaction to MSG so I can judge how much, usually). This place adds a small amount.

Portions were adequate, the taste, except for the broth, was adequate. Service was prompt and with a smile. Prices are middle of the road.

I had a large bowl of standard fare, the rare and well done beef slices in beef broth. I finished it all, so I must have liked it.

"Standard" fare, actually, is more of an exception in this place. There are lots of variations on this menu, so if you're tired of the typical pho, then this is the place for you. For example, one pho features won tons.

Overall, there was not much to detract from, and not much to shine.

Rating: 7


Spaghetti like rice noodles

Spaghetti like rice noodles with only two shrimps in the medium seafood bowl I ordered. The seafood provided was only shrimp and some seafood cakelike concoction. The noodles were different that any others I have had, though I do prefer the tried and true. The noodles were slippery to grasp with chopsticks, making it difficult to place on the spoon. Overall, I would say that the soup was average at best - the broth being neither outstanding nor tasteless.

The Vietnamese spring rolls (3) were large length-wise and so, they were each cut into four pieces - appropriately bite-size. The menu didn't specify, but it appeared to be pork stuffing. They were tasty and abundant enough for the three of us sharing the appetizer plate.

Rating: 7