New Pho Bo

Posted on 2010-07-09 13:10

1053 Somerset W.

This restaurant is renamed from “Pho Bo”, in the same location.

According to the lady there, this restaurant is still in the same family as before. The original owner has opened two more restaurants in Ottawa, and brought in family to help run them all.

Their menu is not large, and contains pho, hu tieu and bun. Pho is $6.95 for small and $7.95 for large. Hu tieu ranges from $7.25 to $8.50. Appetisers, stir frys and the usual selection of drinks are also available.

They do take out as well.


It's Been a While

Quite some time has passed since I've been to this place as it's not one of my regular spots. Not that it doesn't deserve regular visits, it's just that this is out of the way, and is fairly small, so it doesn't take much noontime rush to fill it up.

This was not a worry when I revisited it, though. It was a very hot day, and we arrived about 1:30, so we were just about the only ones there. So very hot out that it took courage to have hot soup, but I managed it anyway.

The broth is as flavourful as I remember it. Little or no MSG, which was good, and it was really enjoyable. I had hu tieu, or, if your browser can display the proper characters, Hủ Tiếu. It had seafood in it -- 4 or 5 shrimp, imitation crabmeat, and some very small dried shrimp. I think it these small, dried shrimp that help contribute to the flavour that I liked so much. Not quite the same as pho, but very similar.

My dinner date had some sate beef with noodles. She said it was a bit salty, and the meat was a bit tough, but mostly OK.

Accompanying this we had some cold tea, a fitting complement given the advanced temperature.

After all these years, this place is still worthy of attention. I need to go there more often. I will even bump my previous rating from the old restaurant. Rating: 7.5