New Pho Bo Ga LA

Posted on 2005-06-03 13:02

761-763 Somerset St. W


Here’s another in the Pho Bo Ga series. They opened their doors for the first time today to a capacity crowd, with more waiting at the door. Decor was quite nice and modern, and the place was kept air conditioned.

The menu is very similar to the other Pho Bo Ga’s.It is a reasonably large menu, with some nice sounding specials, the usual suspects for appetizers, and the standard array of beef & chicken soup as well as vermicelli and rice paper roll up’s. They also have special drinks including shakes and iced coffees.

Prices are on par with the other Pho restaurants; ranging from $5.25 for a SM to $7.99 for an XL.


Overpriced, disgusting and

Overpriced, disgusting and too much salt/MSG. XL is really a Large since they don't even completely fill it. Rip off.

New Pho Bo Ga La

Those are the old prices, there new prices are ridiculous high, check them out.
(small) $7
Shake --> $5
Rice wrap -> $5
Springroll -> $5
vermicelli --> $13
hehe, what a rip off, don't know why people still going here
i'm just trying to save some $$$ for you guys, cheers :)

This place uses the most MSG,

This place uses the most MSG, and its probally the most unhealthy but it taste ok.


Although not actually pho,

Although not actually pho, the yardstick that I use to measure good soup is the Seafood Noodle Soup (#36 on the menu here). After trying other Pho Bo Ga "X" locations as well as several other Pho restaurants in Ottawa, the New Pho Bo Ga La is the one I always keep coming back to. The broth is wonderful; clear, but flavourful and not too salty. A nice mix of shrimp, scallops, squid, imitation crabmeat, and a bit of pork is served with perfectly cooked rice noodles. A side plate of basil, coriander, bean sprouts, fresh red chilies, and fresh lime quarters is also provided - other restaurants offer only some (or sometimes none) of these extra ingredients. Add those into the soup and you're in heaven. For me and my friends, this place is our first choice for soup.

Tom H

This restaurant has started a

This restaurant has started a promotion where you get a card stamped with every meal.

Collect 5 stamps for a free order of spring rolls or 10 stamps for a free medium soup.


It appears that the

It appears that the collect-5-or-10-stamps promotion is over. It was great while it lasted. I must have received 4 or 5 free soups!


OK, yet another update - this

OK, yet another update - this time, for take-out.

Actually, just out of habit we usually go to New Mee Fung for takeout since my wife likes their vermicelli so much. But today is Tuesday, and they are closed. So I'm driving down the highway from Kanata, on the phone with my wife who will call the order in. Quick - what pho place downtown has really good pho, but also good vermicelli? AHA - I know.....

So not much more to say. The order was ready when I got there, and smelled good it did. Was packaged properly for a change (compared to many other places). Large container of broth, smaller of noodles and meat, SEPARATE little tubs of hot sauce and hoisin, and lots of sprouts with generous basil AND coriander. Don't forget the lime and pepper. Excellent.

The taste? Very good as usual. Broth was still hot, and tasty as every. Shrimp not overdone. Noodles taste like they've been sitting a while, but hey, it is take-out and I live in Orleans. My fault. So no complaints. Oh yes, spring rolls also very tasty.

rating: 9


Time for an update. OK, not

Time for an update.

OK, not much to add. The broth is still very good, the spring rolls were crispy and flavourful, and service was fast. This visit I tried a different combination: chicken and chinese mushrooms. Tasted like your basic chicken pho, except the little pieces of mushrooms gave it a different flavour and texture. Was really good, I'll be having it again.

Also tried a cold drink as it was scorching hot out. Was the black bean and coconut milk on ice. I think chopped ice would've been better as the liquid ran out quickly and it was hard to suck up the beans and jelly. That drink was a meal in itself.

rating: 8.5

The soup was very good. The

The soup was very good. The broth was tangy without being overpowering. This soup had a higher proportion of broth than most other places. I consider that a good thing, because I think the broth is the best part.

The place wasn't quite full even though we arrived at 12:30PM. Service was good, and reasonably fast until it came time to get the bill. Then it was difficult to flag someone down.

Maybe they turned down the air conditioning as I had a hard time detecting any trace of it. That could have been because our table was near the door.

Rating: 8


Opening day service chaos

Opening day service chaos aside, it proved a great dining experience. You could see that the waiting staff tried their best to wade through the waiting crowd queuing up by the door. Seats and tables were shuffled about as we were enjoying our meals.

The soup was outstanding, and one of the best I've tasted in a while. A nice and spicy sate broth with the normal amounts of meat and noodles.

The oversized spring rolls were excellent. A crispy outer shell, stuffed with chunks of shrimp.

The coconut shake I ordered, with numerous reminders throughout the meal, was served to me after receiving the bill. I took it to go, to allow for other waiting patrons.

Rating: 9 for food; 4 for service


Oh goody! Another Pho

Oh goody! Another Pho restaurant to pick from. :-) Was quite lucky, as we managed to arrive 5 minutes before noon on their opening day. The place was buzzing with excitement as people eagerly awaited their hot soup. Lucky for us we got the last table available, and so were able to pick through the menu in air conditioned comfort while we awaited our cold tea.

Turns out the menu is very similar to the other Pho Bo Ga restaurants, so I was able to pick my usual #39 (Shrimp & BBQ pork with Rice and Egg Noodle). Decided to also try the usual shrimp spring rolls, and well as a fancy cold drink.

The soup itself I found very tasty - the broth is amongst the best I've had in awhile. The pork was a littly skimpy, but the shrimp were, for once, plump and delectable. I had a Black Grass Jelly with Coconut Milk on Ice drink to wash it down, and due to opening day service problems, finished the meal with the spring roll appetizers which were excellent.

To top it off, upon paying the bill each person was given the choice of a free gift - either a baseball cap with the name of the restaurant embossed on the front, or a set of nice chopsticks in their own little wicker basket.

Rating: 8.5 (giving them a break for poor opening day service)