Mr. Saigon

Posted on 2005-06-19 14:16

4055 Carling Ave (near March Road)


Pho in Kanata? Yes. This is the second place that serves pho, the other being close to the Alcatel office.

It’s a new restaurant built in a new strip mall. There’s an soon-to-be Asian grocery store next door, with an “opening soon” sign in the window.

Their hours are 11AM to 9PM daily.

The menu is small, but good variety: spring rolls, pho, rice plates and bun. For drinks, there is a variety of smoothies and iced coffee. Pho prices are $5.95 for a small bowl and $7.95 for a large.

The most interesting feature is a “create your own” pho, with your choice of up to three “toppings” from a selection list of medium-rare beef, well-done beef, chicken, beef meatballs, and beef tripe.


I found the salad shrimp roll

I found the salad shrimp roll a bit expensive, $4.95 comparing with the usual $3.99 in other places.

I also found that interesting that they didn't have the usual "combination" pho available, meaning they do have that, but not with the usual combination. In order to get the meatball and other stuff you have to create your own pho.

The soup is clearer, comparing with the other place in Kanata.


The parking lot for this

The parking lot for this place was jammed, probably due to a "Cora's" restaurant nearby. It had a lineup out the door.

By contrast, this place was empty, despite being 11:30AM on a Sunday. Some more people came in while I was there. When I left, there were 2 other people in the place.

Despite the idleness, the food was not fast. Service was friendly, though.

I had a large pho with medium-rare beef. The bowl would be more like a medium size compared to other places I've been.

The plate of side accompaniments were sparse but adequate: bean sprouts, thai basil and a lime wedge. There was the usual hoisin and pepper sauce on the table as well as sesame oil and vinegar.

I also had an iced-coffee for $2.95. It was a decent size, which is to say, larger than most other iced coffees that I've had in Ottawa. It was good. The sweetened condensed milk was served on the side so you can put as much or as little as you want in. This is a nice feature and the first time I have seen this.

All in all, I enjoyed my meal. The soup was much better than the other Kanata pho place. Just a notch below some of the downtown places, though. I couldn't help the feeling that they had tamed it down a bit for the suburban clientele, though I can't put my finger on exactly why I think that.

Rating: 7