Mr. Pho

Posted on 2008-02-28 13:17

#1 Stafford Rd., Unit 4, Bells Corners

This is in a plaza that contains East Side Mario’s.

Their pho is in “mix-n-match” style, where you can choose up to 6 toppings from the choices of rare eye-of-round beef, beef flank, beef brisket, tendons, tripe and beef meatballs. Smalls are $5.50, mediums $6.50, larges $7.50 and extra-larges are $8.50.

The mix-n-match styles are also available for grilled plates and stir-fried dishes. They serve spicy vermicelli soups and appetisers. Three spring rolls are $3 and bubble tea starts at $3.



The size/portion of the pho here is quite generous. You get a lot for your money. I compare this to pho at a restaurant near where I work on the Quebec side and it pales to the large serving you get at Mr. Pho in Bells Corners. I can't emphasize how large the servings are at Mr. Pho.

The place is clean, lots of parking and friendly service. Wish more people knew about this place. One of Ottawa's best kept secrets.


i love the viet food there,

i love the viet food there, though it gets a little slow at lunch, since its the most popular place to eat for lunch, when all the business people come in, i dont blame the restraunt, but its worth the wait, beautiful waitress comes out with amazing food. i love the 8 springrolls for 5 bucks, its soo cheap when you can only get 2 for 3.5 downtown on somerset, the food here is actually cheap and affordable. the food here is amazing, the only sad part is they dont serve the delcious bubble tea anymore. one of my fave waitresses, is the one that comes on saturdays, the blonde asian one, she helps you pick out the right course for you, she never fails.


I really enjoy the soup at

I really enjoy the soup at this place especially P8 (seafood). Tasty, filling and healthy. They also provide sprouts that you can add to the pho.


As I really like the

As I really like the different variations of food I'm always looking for places like those. Next time I'll be around I will try this one out. So thanks for that hint.


These seems to be really

These seems to be really great hints I will definitely try out when I'm in there next time because last time I was there I hadn't such hints and were looking for such an offer.


I like the option of choosing

I like the option of choosing my meat toppings for my Pho. They could have 6! menu items which would long and tedious. But, since they're throwing in the various meat options in my bowl anyways, why not have the customer pick which toppings they like.

I started with the fruity rice warp appetizer. I say fruity, cause it contains apples and pineapples. I'm not kidding! I've never seen fruit in rice wraps before, and I think I found out the reason why. It just tastes weird; tangy weird.

I had the rare beef, brisket, tendon, and tripe combination for my Pho. The broth was tasty and not overly powerful. There was abundant amount of meat and noodles in the bowl. There wasn't much in the way of vegetables, other than the bean sprouts that I added myself.

Overall, the soup was great, but I will avoid the rice wraps in the future.

Rating: 7.5