May Lynh

Posted on 2006-01-25 20:31

832 Somerset

This restaurant is closed

A small place and fairly new. The menu is medium size with lots of pho and other soups, bun and rice roll-ups. Prices are on the low side. Small pho is $5, mediums are $5.75 or $6. The menu, though, only lists prices for mediums. Serving sizes are on the small side, however. A large bowl here looks to be the same as a medium elsewhere.

Decor is sparse and low key (except for the Merry Christmas banner, and that looked out of place on January 25)

It’s open daily except Tuesdays.


This place is *closed*. It's

This place is *closed*. It's been replaced by another restaurant but it doesn't look like a Vietnamese one.


I Think May Lynh is the worst

I Think May Lynh is the worst restaurant ever made. It took them an Hour 10 minutes and longer to make my soup, so i left to go to Pho Huong Que and appreciated it only took them 10 minutes


Always good to try a new

Always good to try a new place. Well, new for me and my lunch companions, but definitely not "new". It was a small place, and I suspect that there was only 2 people running the show, judging by the fact that we weren't greeted at the door and that our orders took forever and a day to arrive. Good thing we had lots to talk about.

It wasn't all bad though. The tables were large and roomy, and the tea was excellent. Spring rolls were not spectacular, but tasty enough that I had 3. Or was that my hunger?

Back to the soup. I had ordered grilled pork with egg noodle. There was perhaps a bit to much MSG, and the broth was boring, but the vegetables and pork made up for that in my case. Rather than the normal pork you usually see, I opted for the grilled variety, which imbuded the broth with a wonderful flavour - all those greasy drippings from the grill actually flavoured the soup base. Plus the vegetables were plenty - not just a few leaves and green onions, but a handy helping of "chinese greens" - bok choy, and the like which was done perfectly.

So overall, it's hard to say. Another soup would've been more bland, and I don't have that much time usually. Better broth and less waiting would've scored an easy 7.5. But one doesn't go for soup to wait forever just to eat bland broth. They did give us a soup for free though - which may entice me back for a 2nd try in the future.

Rating: 6


We walked into the restaurant

We walked into the restaurant and we waited around in a confused state for a while by the front door (others patrons were also treated to this welcome). Tick tock, tick tock... No one greeted us, so we just picked a table and sat down. Eventually, the server came out of the kitchen and noticed us. She gave us menus with an apologetic smile. The decor was dated but the tables were large granting each of us plenty of elbow room. The tea was promptly provided along with cozy warm cups, almost hot to the touch - a nice detail.

The piping hot spring rolls were good - nice and crispy shell with plenty of stuffing. Then we waited for what seemed an eternity. Tick tock, tick tock... Good thing we ordered spring roll appetizers or we might have started cannibalizing ourselves. Again with apologies, the server finally presented our soups. I ordered shrimp and pork in egg noodles. Bean sprouts and greens were only provided for selected "Pho" soups - so I had to borrow some. The fresh vegetables in my soup were the best part - really fresh tasting. The broth was a little bland to my taste and lacked enough MSG. The egg noodles were clumpy and difficult to separate apart. Overall, the soup was below average but ok.

Rating: 6.5


The food at May Lynh

The food at May Lynh Vietnamese Restaurant are great. Grant the service a bit slow since there are only few people running that restaurant. From the comments I read in here, I concure that each person has differnet tastes some said not enough MSG, some said it too Much MSG. I personally perfer no MSG. In any regard that why they have Hoi sin sauce, fish sauce, hot sauce and salt and peper on the table so one can season to his/her liking.

Just a comment to Ray, the reason your order does not have bean sprout as your friends because there are two types of noodle soups in Vietnamese cusine one is beef base broth which commonly known as Pho which come with a plate of bean sprout, basal, lime slide and chili perper, the other is the chicken base broth with adopt from Chinese cooking which you order those do not come with bean sprout in a plate like Pho but rather they are included in the soup along with bak choi.


Let me start with the

Let me start with the positive:

- the tea was good. It was green tea, instead of jasmine tea that most places serve. Refreshing.
- the spring roll was good. Nicely cooked, hot from the kitchen, crunchy and only a little grease.
- the tendon in the soup was tender.
- the meat in the soups was really good. The dish I had (P08) did not have the usual thinly sliced eye of round beef. Instead it was a thicker, grilled beef of a cut unknown to me. Delicious.

Now the negative:

- slow. so slooooow. Most of the tables were occupied, so maybe they were busier than expected. The place is not that big, and staff was small.
- the broth, my favourite part of the pho experience, was rather dull. Even with, as I judged, a medium portion of MSG.
- the rice noodles were overcooked, and were very mushy.
- did I mention how slow it was? we waited maybe 45 minutes for our order. There were two tables (of one person each) who came in after our group of four and both were served ahead of us. Inexcusable, IMO.

To make up for the slow service, the waitress apologised, and also did not charge us for the most expensive item on our bill. This maybe helps their cause a bit, but I'd rather they were fast and charged us full price. When I say waitress, maybe she is one of the owners.

Overall, the negatives won out. Slow service and bland broth really brought down their score.

Rating: 5