Lan Ky

Posted on 2005-06-24 15:58

778 Somerset St. W.

This place is closed.

This is a small place near the corner of Somerset and Lebreton, kind of inset from the street a little. Their signage is not prominent, which has the effect of hiding it from plain view.

They actually have two menus, Chinese, which has your usual variety of Szechuan and Cantonese dishes, and Vietnamese, which has Vermicelli and Roll-Ups as well as the soup.

Their soups are mostly the various beef combinations, although there are a few with shrimp and pork. They are also mostly one size only, although some of the beef soups come in sm, med, and lg. They of course have the usual appetizers, as well as some shakes and iced coffees.

Soup prices range from $4.25 through $5.95

Their hours are: Sunday - Thursday: 11am to 10pm Friday & Saturday: 11am to 11pm


The atmosphere at the

The atmosphere at the restaurant was cramped and uninviting. The floor looked like it needed a good mopping, while the tables and chair were in disrepair. I sometimes felt that the contents of the table would fall off the edge as we ate. The table was barely large enough to old the accompanying tray holding the chopsticks, spoons and condiments, not to mention adding to that soup bowls and drinks.

As for the soup, the broth seemed to lack punch. It had a bit of a tangy, spicy taste but not quite enough flavour to leave a lingering taste on the tounge. The noodles and meat were plentiful. The BBQ pork appeared to be boiled over, as opposed to roasted at other restaurants giving it a blander taste.

The spring rolls were cripsy on the outside, but a little too mushy on the inside. Overall, however, it did taste good.

The coconut shake I had to wash it all down was more like blended ice cubes flavoured with coconut juice, rather than a shake. It was refreshingly cool if anything.

Rating: 5


Well, I finally managed to

Well, I finally managed to get back here after quite a few number of months.

Tried a variation on my favourite - shrimp and bbq pork with rice noodles. The shrimp were good (and got 4 in a largish size bowl), and the pork pieces were large if not too plentiful. The broth, however, was a bit on the bland side. Not too salty or garlicky, but just not much taste.

The service was good. The shrimp spring rolls came out quickly, and were reasonably good. The inside was like a paste, which reminded me of the insides of a dim-sum dumpling.

I also ordered a Durian shake, which was large and overflowing. It was fairly good, if you like Durian (definitely an acquired taste). It would probably taste better if you couldn't smell it.

The place was air conditioned, which was appreciated on a hot day. The table wobbled big-time, which wasn't so good, and the decor was, well, not good either. But I didn't go there to stare at the walls, so that's fine.

Rating: 6.5



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