Kanata Noodle House

Posted on 2012-03-23 08:55

500 Hazeldean Rd, Unit #112
Kanata, K2L 2B5


This is located in the plaza at the corner of Hazeldean and Terry Fox. The former location of the Phnom Penh restaurant.

Appetisers: Two spring rolls (shrimp, pork or vegetable) $3.99. Two rice wraps (chicken or pork) $4.50

Pho: $6.95, M: $7.95, L: $8.95, XL: $9.95

Hu Tieu: S:$7.50, M:$8.50, L:$9.50, XL:$10.50

Bun: $10.95

Rice dishes and stir fried: $11.95

They deliver.

Spring Rolls Bun Bowl of Pho Bowl of Pho
Dishes at Kanata Noodle House


delicious food

Never had any problem, very friendly environment, delicious food I went back many times can't even remember how many times. I love Kanata Noodle House.

Service was slow at lunch and

Service was slow at lunch and dinner time. Our foods was mixed up and missing some order. I don't have time to go back and forward. Need improved!! and giving more pleasure and big smile!

Not Bad

I was sorry to see the Phnom Penh restaurant had closed. I had been a regular ever since it opened (yes, I eat food besides Vietnamese). But it's still good to see another pho choice in the west end. According to the staff person I spoke to, they opened on Thursday, March 15, 2012. So we visited on their fourth day open.

We ordered vegetarian spring rolls as shrimp spring rolls weren't available that day. They arrived fresh and were nice and crunchy. They weren't as hot as if they were directly out of the fryer but were still hot and good.

I ordered a pork, shrimp and tofu soup. I don't eat meat so gave away the pork to my lunch-mates. There was lots of pork. There were a few shrimp, smaller than is typical for pho places, and still good. The real treat, though, was the tofu. Instead of strips of firm tofu as I expected, these were cubes of regular tofu, deep fried. They were dee-lish, and it was easy to tell they were fresh from the fryer as they were hotter than the soup itself.

Another person at my table had the special combination pho, and was pleased with the results. The third person had bun with some veggies and spring roll for topping. Also good, she reported.

They provided the usual sprouts, basil and lime. And there were the usual sauces. As well, they provided a good supply of napkins on the table, a nice touch that I wish was more common.

Service was good and fast. We went for lunch on a Sunday, and the place was moderately filled. Probably interest was up because of their introductory price discount.

So, is this a worthwhile place? A qualified yes, in my opinion. Readers will know how I get the bulk of my ratings -- the broth. It was OK, in my opinion. Not much, if any, MSG, and a middle-of-the-road taste. Not great, not bad.

All in all, I'm pleased to see another Vietnamese restaurant in the west end as that's where I spend most of my time. It's good, though doesn't stand out. It's on par with the other nearby places.

BTW, I've decided to give up saying "oh it's so expensive -- I'm an old fart so I remember when pho was cheap and plentiful". Their prices are in line with other places, so are typical for these days.

Rating: 7.5