Huong Que

Posted on 2006-07-28 14:37

300 Booth St.
(613) 565-8410

This restaurant is closed. Pho’licious is now in that location.

Pho Sai Gon…. is gone. A new Pho restaurant with new owners and staff is in its place. The decor has been updated, and the door no longer scrapes along the floor as you enter the restaurant. Even a table was placed in the cramped patio area (I don’t want to ask if it’s legal to put a table there). The menu looks surprisingly similar to the old restaurant’s, although I can’t be sure, a lot of the pho restaurants in town do serve the same soups.


Pho'licious my FAV

Pho'licious is so much better!! I recommand you all go there. Try their Bun Cha Ha Noi and Banh Cuon and Wonton !!! Of course their pho is exceptional, once you tried it there you won't go anywhere else!!

There it was it was

There it was it was gone.


i heard the owners are having

i heard the owners are having trouble lately, their work has been shoddy ever since the owners wife got pregnant. you can still go to the restaurant, its hours are shorter because they have to take care of the kids.

im assuming this of course, as the hours changed once the co-managers belly got into its last stage of pregnancy


I love Huong Que! It's so

I love Huong Que! It's so delicious there,

Kelly P

its so dirty there LOOOLS

its so dirty there LOOOLS


How can it be dirty? This place is CLOSED and a new place has opened there.

Maybe you're thinking of the new owners of Pho'licious. lol.

Currently, they have reduced

Currently, they have reduced the msg, it tastes much more beefy now. I love the Banh Dap, It's awsome. I guess I'll rate it a 8.5, for speedy service, flavorful soup, friendly staff and a wonderful decor. The Pho is really great. I go here every Saturday to eat.!

Rating 8.5

Jackson Trung

I really had enjoyed eating

I really had enjoyed eating at Pho Huong Que. By talking to the freindly staff members, I found out some of the ingredients were imported from Vietnam itself! It tastes very original comparing it to Pho Bo Ga. Arrangement of the tables, the new marble counter and the cuisine style is great. I highly suggest the deep fried ice cream and bannana. This restaurant is so great, I can say proudly : PHO BO GA LA SUCKS!

Sharon Nguyen

My family and I went to Huong

My family and I went to Huong Que on Sunday Nov 12th, 2006. My very first time there. The restaurant atmosphere was enjoyable, the decoration was good, the service was friendly, the foods were above average.

I tried BANH DAP and really loved it. Highly recommend to everybody.

I also tasted the PHO's broth and suggest you shouldn't try if you are not a MSG fan.

Rating: 6.5

Anne Nguyen

I returned to Huong Que after

I returned to Huong Que after seeing the many positive reviews on this site after my initial bad review when the restaurant first opened. I went in expecting the same as my previous bad experience but was pleasantly surprised at how much the soup had improved since my initial visit. I suspect that they hired a new chef or that they were still learning the ropes those first few days when it was mediocre.

The broth tasted excellent. The spring rolls were still a bit on the well done side, but tasted ok.

I will now definitely include this restaurant as one of my regulars.

Updated Rating: 8


After trying many of the

After trying many of the Vietnamese restaurants in and around Somerset Street (and a few in the burbs; Orleans, Merivale Road etc.) we discovered the Houng Que, a restaurant specializing in food from Hanoi. (The cook and his wife are from Haiphong.) Finally, a restaurant that actually served the best of Vietnamese food in addition to providing great service. (I lived in Vietnam for three years and my wife about 30 so we know authentic Vietnamese food.) Highly recommended!


me and my friends were

me and my friends were walking to pho saigon when i realized. it was gone. instaed, pho huong que, a goodly rennovated place took its place. the pho was great. the broth was flavorful and the spring rolls (you could tell) were carefully made to suit the customers preferences. bite size width and everything.

AZN pride dawg HuOng qUE

Rating 9.5

Stevin Nguyen

So many friends told me that

So many friends told me that the foods in the new restaurant tasted good so my familly and I went to Huong Que last Sunday. When I arrived the restaurant was full. We enjoyed ' BANH DAP' , the taste was great, the combination of soft but chewy and crunchy complimented the fish sauce.

After five continuous orders of meals, it reminded me of the way my family use to eat back in Vietnam. With their Authentic Vietnamese flavor and tender, cooked beef, Pho Huong Que is probably better than any other restaurant.

9.5/10 Star Rating.

Nancy Pham

I certainly agree with

I certainly agree with Michael. Since Huong Que opened to the public it has improved quite alot. The broth has just the right amount of flavor and with some fish sauce it would be perfect. Rennovation is excellently done and I like the idea of the fact they change table cloths every season. With rapid and pleasantly accomplished service I give Pho Huong Que a Nine (9) star.

Karen Macdonald

Pho Houng Que Is a

Pho Houng Que Is a wonderfully decorated Restaurant. The first time I had Pho there, it wasn't as good as what my friend told me. However I figured I would give it a second chance. Last night I had Pho again, and it tasted wonderful. I think Pho at Huong Que is the best one in Ottawa Chinatown. The soup looked clear but not clear like water. The flavour reminded me of good old Vietnam. My friend mentioned that Banh Dap tasted really good there so I will be back again for sure and try Banh Dap. I will give this restaurant 8 stars.


Yes, the decor has improved.

Yes, the decor has improved. The building is old and they've really done a good job in making it look really good.

But the food has gone downhill. I had pho the first time I went. It wasn't all that good. The noodles were soggy. The broth tasted fine but as I later found out, there was too much MSG in it. My second time there, I had bun (rhymes with "moon"), the MSG level was better but I did not enjoy the taste.

Rating: 6


On the up side, the service

On the up side, the service was very friendly and fast. Hmmm, could also say there were plentiful shrimp, although they were overcooked a bit.

Unfortunately, there was much more down side. I tried one of my fav combinations - shrimp & pork with egg noodles. The pork was ok, but the egg noodles were - well, weird. Thicker than normal, but they tasted water logged is the best way I can describe it. Almost like they were overcooked. And the broth, well I agree with Ray, just wasn't very good. Not flavourful at all, and had a weird taste. I'm not sure if it was MSG (my interal msg-o-meter isn't very accurate) or something else. Also the spring rolls were expensive and not to my liking.

Rating: 5


The updated decor was a nice

The updated decor was a nice change from the old drab look that Sai Gon portrayed. Updates include: newly tiled floors, chandeliers, bamboo blinds for the windows, and finally, the door that no longer scrapes along the floor as you enter.

I ordered the Seafood w/ Egg noodle pho with some spring rolls. The smallish spring rolls were overcooked and had a burnt taste to it. The broth in the soup had a weird spice to it which left an unpleasant aftertaste. The soup definitely ranks in the low end of pho restaurants in town. On the plus side. there were four pieces of shrimp in medium bowl over the usual three that other restaurants put in.

Overall, the updated decor was nice, but in the end I definitely preferred the soup when it was Sai Gon.

Rating: 6