Hu Tieu Mi Gia

Posted on 2012-06-08 16:05

121 Preston Street
Ottawa Ontario K1R 7P3
Phone: 613-233-2201

This place opened on May 19, 2012, according to some advertising I’ve seen.

The menu is available on the website so I won’t repeat it here.


A fine place

So, another new place in Chinatown. How does it fit with others nearby?

The menu looks fairly straightforward but one of the specials on their board caught my eye. It was a bun, although other bun's I've had were always dry, this one was a soup. It had fillets of white fish along with spicy shrimp. After getting the bowl, it was immediately apparent the shrimp were cooked outside the bowl and added in as they were bright red -- similar in colour to bbq pork. They were pieces of shrimp and not whole ones.

Anyway, I was impressed with the soup. The fish and shrimp were tender, not overcooked, and the shrimp were spicy. The noodles -- these were the very thin rice vermicelli found in more traditional bun dishes -- were nicely tender and just a bit chewy.

The broth was very good as well. There was some MSG but not overly so, so I was OK with that.

Along with my soup, I had some shrimp spring rolls. They were 3 rolls for $4, and they were good size. Not large but not tiny either. They were crispy but only a little. That was my main critisism of the meal -- that the spring rolls could have been crispier.

And, as already mentioned in another comment, they started us off with a plate of free shrimp chips. A nice touch.

Rating: 8

Not bad at all

So I haven't had good pho for a while. Working in the Glebe, there is a lack of great pho places. There is a place or two, but without naming names they are not that good. So yea! time to satisfy the craving.

Right of the top, the service was very friendly and inviting. They are obviously keen on attracting and keeping business. Tea refreshes were prompt, and in general we actually felt like customers and not people to reluctantly be served by a harried waiter/waitress. Most of us started with some sort of appetizer, deep fried spring rolls both shrimp and pork, also the salad rolls. All were reportedly good. While we were waiting, fresh fried shrimp chips were also delivered. Nice touch.

There were numerous spelling mistakes on the menu, which in a way simply lends to the atmosphere in a strange way. Unfortunately it also leads to puzzlement since it was unclear as to what certain items actually contained. For those that eat pho reasonably often though it wasn't too hard to figure out. I tried the "Rare beef and slightly beef" which I interpreted as thinly sliced beef and chunks of slightly fatty beef. The sliced beef ended up being not rare at all, but more importantly the broth was reasonably tasty.

All in all, was pretty satisfied.

rating: 7.5 + 0.5 = 8 (an extra half point for shrimp chips and friendly service)