Hoang Vietnamese Bistro

Posted on 2009-05-15 14:42

343 Booth St.

This used to be called Pho Hoang Linh - is upstairs, across the street from the well known New Mee Fung restaurant. Has the usual selection of noodle soups, vermicelli and rice dishes.


Nice soup but small portions

I like the soup base. I had the Bun bo Hue special hot beef soup. Small portion for $8. Pho 99 is slightly better but not bad.



I can recommend the soup base, too!

Hot soup for a hot day

Was a good day for a patio somewhere - too bad they didn't have one. Service was pretty efficient. The vegetarian spring rolls came out quickly, and were very tasty. I was going to say they are a bit expensive at $5 for a plate of 4, but then again most other places charge around $3.50 to $3.75 for 2 rolls (sometimes 3).

I had the shrimp wonton soup. Was very hot (temperature), and I have to say very good. Broth was very good, and the wontons themselves very shrimpy but not "fishy". Not much else to say really - overall a very good lunch.

rating: 8.5