Posted on 2008-06-06 13:51

This place is closed

726 Somerset St.

Formerly Cam Kong, Fuschian Vietnamese Restaurant opened in its place. There’s a small Pho menu with small bowl $6.75 and large bowl $7.25, but no medium sized bowls. Also on the menu are vermicelli, rice dishes, and stir fried noodle dishes.

Closed on Tuesdays.


Small place, service very

Small place, service very slow - but I'll forgive that for now as they are new. Deep fried spring rolls were quite tasty - fresh, and not all wrap like some.

Limited soup selection, but broth was very tasty. Can't complain about it being cold either - came out piping hot. Generous contents as well.

Rating: 8.5


Hey, hey! Another new Pho

Hey, hey! Another new Pho place to try.

To start, I ordered the Vietnamese spring rolls. The spring rolls had a nice crispy, crunchiness on the outside along with a good amount of filling in the inside. I haven't had spring rolls this good in a while. Comments from the other patrons at the table indicated that they also enjoyed their various appetizers.

On to the main course, the Pho menu isn't too adventurous, having only a limited selection of beef options. I got a large bowl with rare beef, beef tendon, and beef balls. The soup was hot - temperature hot. I mean extremely hot! Hot, hot, hot! I could barely get the soup down without scalding my tongue, not to mention touching the bowl with my hands which could have resulted in 3rd degree burns. Ok, maybe I exaggerate slightly here, but the gist to get from this paragraph, is that the soup was steaming hot. The noodles and beef were plentiful, and the broth had a good tastiness to it. I could have used more bean sprouts as only a small amount were provided to our table.

Overall, a good experience. Slightly slow service, but a given with the restaurant having only opened just recently.

Rating: 8