Co Cham

Posted on 2010-07-28 13:34

780 Somerset

A Vietnamese place that I’m not sure how to enter the accented characters to spell correctly.

It’s a small place that serves pho, hu tieu, and Vietnamese submarines. That’s a first for Ottawa, to my knowledge, to serve pho and submarines in the same place.

Pho and hu tieu is $7.00 and only comes in one size. Deep fried spring rolls are $3.25, and sub sandwiches are $2.25 each. Bun is also available.

Their hours are 10:30AM to 9PM except on Sunday when they close at 7PM. And they are CLOSED MONDAYS.


A nice place

This is a small place as I counted 5 or 6 tables. The sub counter takes up lots of space.

They don't have any shrimp-only spring rolls so I wasn't able to sample them (I've given up beef, pork, chicken and similar, though I still eat fish and seafood).

So I tried the hu tieu with shrimp. I can definitely say "wow". Although I could detect little or no MSG, the broth was flavourful and spicy without being overpowering. Nice. The shrimp were not plentiful, as I counted 4 or 5 of them. Reasonable. They didn't have any shells on, not even the tail, so were easy to eat.

The decor was fresh and appealing, and the table contained a tray containing all utensils, even forks. Napkins were missing, though, and the waitress brought a supply of those.

There was only one waitress so she was kept busy, but was able to serve us without delays. We arrived around noon and the place was full. It had emptied out by 12:30, though.

The sub section looked interesting, including a sardine option, so I'll have to be sure and try that out in a future visit. Today was all about the soup, though, so I could tell you about it on this blog.

Pho is not their main dish, though, as they only had one size, and only half a dozen choices for meat and other ingredients. The plate of condiments was fine and included sprouts, basil, lime and some hot peppers.

Rating: 8 Worth it for the taste!