Chez Nam

Posted on 2005-09-30 19:56

343b Booth Street (basement)

A nice restaurant downstairs from Pho Rua Vang and across the street from the New Mee Fung. The lunchtime menu consists mostly of “specials” for $6.99 and up. These specials are mostly Bun and similar dishes. But they do serve pho.

Menus are rare here but the waiters are eager to help you decide what you want. The pho choices consist of beef, chicken and fish. Only one size of bowl is available, and it appears similar in size to a large found elsewhere.

Decor is adequate and splashy, featuring “paper lanterns” covering the lights, plus a few red and white strings of xmas-style lights. The place wasn’t too noisy.

According to the take-out menu, a bowl of pho is $5.95 and four spring rolls are $3.95, plus tax.


This was one of the more

This was one of the more amusing meals that I've had in some time, mainly because of the waiter. "We got beef pho, chicken, and fish" when we asked if they served pho. Then, as we sat there gaping in astonishment, "What other kind is there?" he added.

There was a menu card on the table, but it was small and didn't show pho.

We had to ask for tea, unusual for a place like this.

The soup was tasty enough, however, it suffered because of the lack of choices, plus having only one size of bowl.

Service was OK. Not too fast, not too slow. And funny, too.

Rating: 7.5


A menu would have been nice!

A menu would have been nice! The lunch specials card on the table was lacking any Pho selections. As it were, we had to ask the waiter what soups were available. Beef, chicken and seafood? I suspect that there are more options available on the menu, such as cuts of beef, rice/egg noodle options, sate broth, etc. I didn't want to be too high maintenance, so I succumbed and just ordered the seafood soup.

Tea had to be ordered specifically, as glasses of water were supplied by default.

The broth was ok. It might have had a tad too much MSG in order to spruce up the otherwise plain flavour of the soup. The spoons provided was on the smallish side, and it took a bit of work to eat/drink the soup.

The spring rolls were nice and crunchy on the outside, and they were quite tasty - one of the better rolls around. The waiter pointed out that we could wrap the spring rolls with the greenery provided, as if we didn't know how to eat food. I like my rolls plain with dipping sauce, thank you.

Rating: 7.5