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The Boss's brain is connected to his phone via a neural interface. He sends a brain-text asking for help.

The Boss can be controlled by an app now he is connected to his phone. But Dilbert hasn't written the app yet so the Boss just sits like a zombie.

Dilbert suggests removing the neural interface from the Boss. Alice wants to write an app to make the Boss jump off a roof.

The Boss has his neural interface removed and doesn't remember anything. He wonders if he broke any laws.

A coworker asks Alice to lie and hide the source of her new information. She doesn't want to lie and threatens to throw the coworker off the roof.

Barry Dingle hangs around the Boss' office and asks questions whenever the Boss is off the phone. Blame the open-door policy.

Barry pops into the Boss' office for a quick question. What is blockchain and how will it influence product lines?

The Boss is late because Barry keeps asking hard questions. The Boss keeps answering with nonsense until Barry leaves.

The company wins a bid to create stealth clothing for the military. Wally eagerly volunteers for the project.

Wally is working on a stealth clothing project. That's why the Boss never sees Wally in the office.

Wally shows his stealth clothing prototype to the board. He shows up to the meeting naked.

Dilbert says his financial predictions are reliable because he can see into the future. The Boss says no one can see into the future but doesn't care because he just wants someone to blame when they go over budget.

Wally says he's late because of an accident on the freeway. The Boss says that's not true after checking an app on his phone.

The company's new product is a health monitor. All employees are required to wear one.

Wally calls in sick. The Boss says Wally can't be sick because the health monitor says Wally is fine.

Dilbert's health monitor says he's leaving work every day with energy to spare. That's like stealing from the company.

The Boss fires Ted. Coincidentally, it's at the same time Ted's health monitor detects a cardiovascular condition.

Dilbert postpones a meeting with a coworker because his health monitor shows the coworker is not getting enough sleep and thus can't concentrate.

After presenting his plan, Dilbert asks for questions. A coworker calls the plan dumb and uses his condescending face.

The company will purchase standing desks for those who want them. Wally says he can do his entire job while sitting.

Wally hasn't stood up in a week, being such a maverick. Dilbert says there's health risks with sitting.

Wally wants medical leave to deal with sitting so much from laziness. The Boss says laziness is a behaviour problem not a medical problem.

The doctor sees lots of activity in the laziness area of Wally's brain. He doesn't want to treat it because he also sees a high level of happiness.

Wally reports he's lazy because of a brain abnormality. Dilbert says everyone's brain is slightly different.

Wally didn't finish the data scrub because of a brain defect. A project manager threatens to tell everyone he's useless.

Dilbert needs to negotiate with the vendor to reduce the price. The Boss suggests starting with an aggressive demand and then settling for less.

The robot says he is capable of doing the Boss' job. The Boss isn't doing anything and the robot can do that too.

The financial forecaster quit so the Boss asks Dilbert to fill in. Dilbert says he doesn't know how to do financial forecasts.

Dilbert gives his financial projections to the Boss. Guessing plus math, Dilbert says. The Boss asks Dilbert to present it to the board.

Dilbert presents to the board and says they are in good shape unless one of his assumptions is wrong.