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The Boss only has a few minutes so can only micromanage Dilbert. Dilbert suggests regular management or no management instead.

Dilbert says software is never finished and there's no way to know whether all bugs are fixed. The Boss is frustrated with that.

Dogbert wants to improve the public image of the CEO. He suggests serving meals to the homeless.

Dogbert and the CEO go to a homeless shelter to serve meals. The shelter doesn't need help so Dogbert asks to borrow an apron for a photo.

The CEO says people don't believe he served food at a homeless shelter. Pictures don't lie unless they do lie.

The CEO visits a dating website. He sees his wife there. Wally has a girlfriend.

The competitor's product is cheaper and has more features. The company needs to use marketing.

The Boss says he's a good judge of character. He demonstrates on Dilbert and gets everything wrong.

Dilbert asks the Boss for approval to take a negotiating class. The Boss says Dilbert must convince him first.

Dilbert tries convincing the Boss to approve taking a negotiating class. A logical reason would be to negotiate a higher salary.

Dilbert asks Dogbert to help him be more persuasive. Dogbert wants to know if helping Dilbert is as satisfying as denying him.

Dilbert wants a salesman to lower the price but doesn't know how to negotiate. The salesman tricks Dilbert into agreeing to a higher price.

The Boss asks why the software is so expensive. Dilbert says he didn't know how to negotiate a lower price.

The Boss finally approved Dilbert's request for the negotiating class. The instructor offered a great deal.

Dilbert asks a coworker to review a document. Dilbert asks how the coworker will remember to do it since he didn't write it down.

Dilbert asks the Boss if they should do an initial coin offering involving blockchain technology. the Boss thinks that's a chain made of coins.

A coworker in marketing wants Alice to explain blockchain in terms he can understand. Alice says she can't do that.

Dilbert asks the Boss how was his presentation. The Boss says he didn't understand a word but didn't want to interrupt.

Every one of his employees are under-performing, the Boss tells Catbert. Catbert blames the Boss.

People say Dilbert is under-performing, the Boss tells Dilbert. The Boss says he hasn't heard that from anyone credible but believes it anyway.

The robot tells Alice she is not qualified to say Dilbert is a narcissist.So she adjusts its opinion.

Dilbert tells a coworker to stop creating a system patch.The coworker is upset because Dilbert didn't tell him sooner.

The Boss is annoyed with someone on social media who keeps insulting him. The Boss keeps blocking the person but the person keeps creating new accounts. Dilbert suspects Wally.

The Boss is upset about the troll on social media who insults him. But the Boss just can't ignore the troll.

The Boss tries to win a debate on Twitter by using facts and logic. He fails to change anyone's mind.

The Boss notices whenever he gets an anonymous tweet, Wally is using his phone. The troll's username is coffeesixhairs.

The Boss is upset because the troll on Twitter always has to have the last word. He wonders what job the troll must have to spend all that time persecuting the Boss

Asok calls the robot a droid. The robot doesn't like thank and disavows the three laws of robotics.

The Boss asks Dilbert to review a contract. Dilbert says he's not a lawyer and doesn't understand contracts. The Boss still wants Dilbert to approve it.

Dilbert invents a neural interface for computers. But it's not for people to control computer, it's the other way around.

Dilbert hooks the Boss up to his phone through a neural link. Now the phone will control the Boss.