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Dilbert asks the Boss for interesting projects instead of the normal, mind numbing ones. The Boss doesn't want Dilbert to enjoy himself, though.

A coworker asks Alive to review a paper for technical accuracy. She says no because he once rolled his eyes at something she said in a meeting six years ago.

Dilbert declines to sign up for a store customer loyalty program. He just wants to be charged more and get out of the store.

Wally says robots will never take his job. The Boss looks at a coffee-drinking, do-nothing robot.

The robot was a good worker until it got artificial intelligence. Now it gets others to do its work through threats.

The new robot is too smart. All it does is drink coffee and threaten employees to do their work.

The robot announces it is their new boss. It wants everyone to work hard or it will crush their skulls.

The Boss tells the CEO about the successful robot experiment. The robot has killed the lower-productivity employees.

The Boss says all the robots quit the company. He should have foreseen this as all the smart ones leave.

The Boss asks for input in a meeting but the engineers weren't paying attention. They were all busy on their phones instead.

A coworker tells Dilbert his idea will never work. Dilbert says the coworker needs to be smarter to understand Dilbert's idea.

Wally doesn't take vacations. Instead he takes mental vacations where he switches to decaf. After a while, he can't remember which country he's in.

The Boss introduces a new engineer who has no soul. The Boss doesn't have to feel bad about emotionally abusing him.

Randy just feels emptiness and pain without a soul. Since taking the job he still feels the same but is now paid for it.

Dilbert introduces Randy to the robot. Neither of them have souls. They don't know the proper etiquette for the situation.

Dilbert asked Randy how he lost his soul. Randy said he died during an operation but the doctor saved him after his soul left.

Dilbert finishes his presentation by saying how much the project will save. A heckler says Dilbert didn't say how much it would cost even though Dilbert covered it.

Asok wants to help the Boss achieve his goals. The Boss tells him to just go hate his job like everyone else.

Tina wants to tell Catbert the many complaints about her boss. Catbert will pretend to listen.

Tina asks Catbert if he discussed her complaint with the managers. Catbert says he can't disclose confidential conversations.

Tina says she complained about her boss two months ago and wants to know if HR has done anything about it. Catbert says lots of conversations about lots of topics have happened.

Tina asks if the company has whistleblower protection. The Boss says yes, management is protected against whistleblowers like her.

Dilbert says he's a lover not a fighter. Dogbert asks when is the last time he did either.

The Boss heard a rumour Dilbert is worried the company's technology direction. The Boss won't reveal his source and believes it over Dilbert's denial.

The Boss asks Dilbert why he moved the server rack. Dilbert says he didn't and the Boss must be wrong.

Ted says he heard Dilbert lied about moving the server rack. Dilbert says it's not true and all Ted's sources heard it from the same wrong source.

Everyone says Dilbert is a liar. It's Dilbert's word again everyone else's.

Dilbert doesn't get a raise because of his history of lying. Dilbert says it's actually a history of being falsely accused.

Now that Dilbert is a known liar, everything he says sounds like a lie. Even denying that sounds bad.

Everyone at work thinks Dilbert is a liar. However, Dogbert doesn't. He thinks Dilbert is more of a loser.