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Tina asks Wally to borrow his phone. He says sure but he's been using it for two hours in the mens room.

Tina asks Dilbert to borrow his phone. He says no he doesn't7 like others to touch his phone or breathe on it.

Tina doesn't know what to do without her phone. What if she's in a line? Dilbert suggests an invisible friend.

Erik the new hire used to work for the CIA. Erik already knows Dilbert by having watched him for years.

Wally asks Erik, former CIA programmer, if he kept his spy tools from that job. Erik is reluctant to answer.

Erik missed the meeting. But he used his CIA tools to listen in even though the microphone didn't look active.

Dilbert needs to plan his route to the department meeting. He needs to avoid the talkers and the ones who always ask him to do stuff.

The robot wants to quit. The Boss says he can't quit. The Boss just needs to push a button for the robot's head to explode.

The Boss was attacked by the robot so he asks Dilbert to reprogram the robot. Dilbert makes the robot a better fighter.

Dilbert wants to replace the robot's head. The robot is concerned about survival rates but Dilbert doesn't care.

as he is about to get his head replaced, the robot wonders about the afterlife. Dilbert says it is an eternity of darkness.

The new robot greets everyone then learns he is the old robot withe a new head and wiped memories. He calls everyone serial killers.

The robot asks the Boss if he can pass the robot test. The Boss says he votes even though he doesn't understand the issues.

A climate scientist explains the risk of climate change to the company. He can't handle simple questions from Dilbert.

The robot thinks he will take Dilbert's job one day. Dilbert programmed the robot to self-destruct if that happens.

Dilbert programmed the robot to explode if it ever mocks Dilbert. The robot mocks Dilbert and explodes.

Dilbert's flight is overbooked and he is selected for reaccomodation. He gets kicked off the plane.

Dilbert asks the airline clerk why he was selected to be bumped from the full flight. He had the lowest-priced ticket.

Asok thinks he did a great job on the design for Wally. Wally takes credit for Asok's work.

Dilbert worked all weekend to finish his project early. The Boss rewards him by assigning more work.

Tina asks Dilbert for a ride to the airport on Saturday. Dilbert refers the question to Dogbert. Dogbert says no, as she doesn't qualify as a close enough friend.

The Boss introduces Randy, one of the first humans with a microchip implant in his brain. Randy has to pause for a software update.

Randy, with a microchip in his brain, thinks of normal humans like livestock.

Randy is one of the first humans with a microchip implanted in his brain. This changes the human experience.

Randy is put on Dilbert's project. Dilbert is to ignore his own thoughts and just listen to Randy.

The Boss denies the rumour that all employees will be replaced by cyborgs with brain implants.

Randy, with his implant, plans the project in his head. Everyone else continues to do nothing.

A coworker can't figure out the problem with his code. Dilbert suggests rubber-ducking, where he explains the problem to a rubber duck. Even the Boss thinks that's a good idea.

Wally says he keeps falling asleep during meetings to Doctor Dogbert. Dogbert will write a note to say Wally doesn't have to attend meetings.

Wally shows the Boss a note from his doctor saying Wally has meeting narcolepsy. The Boss wants to discuss it but Wally falls asleep.

Wally announces he has a doctor's note that says it's OK for him to sleep during meetings. What's the point of coming to meetings at all, Dilbert asks.