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Alice spent the last week fixing a critical bug but didn't tell the Boss. It was like she didn't exist.

Dilbert didn't read an email because it was too long. The sender doesn't have time to make it shorter so it was wasted effort.

Alice asks Catbert if she's allowed to date coworkers. Catbert says no but the robot is not considered a coworker.

Alice changes the robot's programming to make him the perfect boyfriend. The robot initially doesn't like it but changes his mind.

Alice updates the robot's programming to make him a better listener.

Dilbert learns Alice is dating the office robot. Alice doesn't want Dilbert to judge her.

Alice adds more code to the robot she's dating so he will consider marrying her and raising a family of cyborgs.

Alice wants to break up with the robot because she met another robot. He takes the news surprisingly well.

The Boss asks how's work. Dilbert describes how everything is very bad but the Boss doesn't listen.

Carol asks Dilbert to help. Asok has entered the jargon matrix and spouts meaningless phrases.

Dilbert enters the jargon matrix to rescue Asok.

Dilbert enters the jargon matrix to rescue Asok. He tries to convince Asok nothing is real.

Wally decides to move into a bathroom stall. It's simple logic when he discovers a meal delivery app.

Dilbert invents a 3D printer for any generic drug or simple medical device. The Boss passes because it won't make any money.

Wally hasn't added the new feature because he had to fix a critical bug first.

At a restaurant, Dilbert gets french fries but no salt. He doesn't think the waiter will bring the salt soon enough.

Wally volunteers to work on the virtual reality headset. The Boss is suspicious of Wally volunteering.

Wally created a virtual reality app that gives the impression the wearer is asleep. He demonstrates this to the CEO.

Dilbert wrote a virtual reality app that turns the office into a Lord of the Rings adventure. He spots an evil Orc.

The Boss wants Dilbert to write a virtual reality app so the user is in a cubicle.

Dilbert wrote a virtual reality program for people to think they are in cubicles. He put the Boss' name as author because he expects angry mobs.

The robot tries the VR headset. Dilbert is amazed.

Total sales for the quarter were zero. The CEO had said the next version will be amazing, so nobody bought the current version.

Dilbert tells an interviewee they are looking for people who fit their company culture. The candidate asks what's so great about the culture that it can't be improved.

The Boss says company culture is their greatest strength. The engineers want to know what is that culture.

The Boss tells the employees the company culture is the best. The employees believe him because lying helps prevent conflict.

Dilbert wants to ensure his project doesn't conflict with company culture. The Boss thinks company culture is something about honesty.

Company culture is honesty, integrity, and return on investment. ROI is most important.

Would Wally prefer the privacy of an office or open collaboration of cubicles? Wally says he'd get no work done in a cubicle.

Dilbert didn't get any work done this week because the large tech companies wouldn't let him. He got constant interruptions with messages and ads.