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Wally compares himself to Gandhi. They're both short, bald guys who want self-governance for India.

Asok is offended by Wally comparing himself to Gandhi. Asok wants to punch Wally but Wally suggests fasting instead.

Wally has offended every employee in the past week. Everyone except the Boss because he's not a sensitive idiot.

The Boss can't assign Wally to a project team because everyone hates him for his political opinions. They've gotten used to him for his uselessness.

As Dilbert is leaving for the day, a coworker asks him to look at a crashing prototype. It will only take ten minutes, she says.

The company now has a politeness policy. You can't walk away from someone if they're talking.

Dilbert has to listen to Tina talk about her health problems for four hours because the company says it's rude to walk away.

The company's politeness policy forbids Dilbert from giving an honest opinion of a coworker's idea so he talks about an unrelated topic - a manure fire at a pig farm.

Alice is using her phone while Dilbert is talking with her. He says that's against the new company politeness policy.

Dogbert leads a seminar on politeness where he teaches people how to sacrifice productivity and happiness for corporate nonsense.

At his politeness seminar Dogbert says nobody should offend sensitive idiots. A sensitive idiot in the audience says that offends him. Dogbert is OK with that.

Dilbert asked a coworker to complete a wireframe but didn't follow up. So the coworker assumed Dilbert didn't want it anymore and didn't work on it.

The Boss won't approve Dilbert's vacation request because Dilbert hasn't completed the mandatory fax safety class. Is that even a real company policy?

Dilbert wants an exception from the policy so he can take vacation without having to take a fax safety course that no longer exists.

Dilbert will use his vacation to catch up on unfinished work without interruptions. Tina says that's not much of a vacation.

Dilbert's vacation was tragic. He stayed home, let his personal hygiene deteriorate, while his workload piled up.

Dilbert was on vacation for a week and the Boss transfers the project budget to another project.

The Boss plays devil's advocate in a meeting. Literally.

Only Amy knows the URL for the test site but she mumbles so much no one can understand her. And she always answers the wrong questions in email.

Wally complains about a hot phone charger and cold coffee so Dilbert suggests a phone charger that warms coffee.

Wally shows his invention, the phone charger that keeps coffee warm, to the CEO. The CEO is not impressed at first.

Wally will likely get employee of the year with his phone charger coffee warmer invention.

Wally's invention is the best seller in the company's history. So Wally is promoted to a leadership position.

Wally's promotion to management is exactly what he wants. He gets to tell others to work hard but doesn't have to do anything himself.

Wally got demoted back to engineering. All his ideas were about coffee.

A coworker can't help Dilbert with what he want but loves to demo something else. Dilbert is too polite to walk away.

Dilbert's date asks him if he is ambitious. Dilbert says he is not. After all, he settled for her.

Wally doesn't want more out of life because he's happy with what he has. Only losers always want more.

A coworker wants Wally to deliver by end of day. Wally wants to wait until the final specs are ready. Is he lazy or wise?

Wally hasn't started the prototype because he has questions. He hasn't asked questions of the owner because they haven't met. Now he's forgotten the questions.

The Boss wants Dilbert to attend a meeting in his place. The Boss agreed to go before realising it would be a waste of time.