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The Boss complains to Catbert that Dilbert is too happy. They talk about the sweet spot between paid enough and suicidal.

The Boss asks Dilbert if the software is finished yet. Dilbert says he is getting set up to begin programming.

The Boss asks Dilbert if the software is finished yet. Dilbert says he is still cleaning up after the last programmer.

The Boss wants Dilbert to take on an additional programming project. Dilbert says he will have trouble switching his brain between the two programming projects.

The Boss wants to speak with Dilbert for a minute but Dilbert says it will take too long to get back into the coding zone afterwards.

The Boss complains to Dilbert about the software not being finished. Dilbert says the Boss made too many interruptions and mad the project a nightmare.

Alice presents her brilliant idea to the Boss. He thought the same thing just before she told him about it.

Dilbert suggests moving a button so more people will see it. A coworker says that's crazy and Dilbert is blind and stupid for suggesting it.

The Boss asks Dilbert why the project is taking so long. Dilbert says it only seems long because the Boss doesn't know how to do anything.

Ted is doing a bad job and Catbert recommends the Boss speak to him. It doesn't matter about what as listening to the Boss will make anyone want to quit.

The Boss tells Ted he will begin coaching Ted because Ted hasn't been performing well. Ted instantly quits.

The Boss asks Alice if she wants coaching and she says yes. She wants someone who can do her job better than her. The Boss offers to give her some of his wisdom.

Dilbert complains to the Boss he is paid less than the new hire. The Boss says Dilbert is a bad negotiator.

Dilbert is paid less than the new hire, he tells Dogbert. It's not fair. Dogbert says fairness is for idiots and kids.

To cut the budget Dilbert needs to convince their vendors to cut prices. However he's not a negotiator so he is doomed to failure.

Would Dilbert prefer to listen to the Boss talk about his weekend or eat garage? Depends on the garbage.

Elbonians are leaping from 5he roof to their death at the company's manufacturing plant. However it's only two stories tall.

Wally tells Asok it's easier to create the illusion of work than to do actual work. That's why he carries the red file.

Wally would love to help on a project but he's busy on the red file. The project manager can't tell if it's real or fake.

The Boss asks wally about his red file project. Wally says the Boss assigned a secret project to him but may have forgotten because of dementia.

Wally tells the Boss he made lots of progress on the red file project. The Boss can't remember what that project is but Wally won't tell him.

Bad analogy guy misinterprets everything Dilbert says about rewriting part of the software. It's not like throwing the baby out with the bathwater, closing the barn door after the horse has gone or anything like Hitler.

Wally recommends buying the coffee supplier for company's biggest competitor. They can secretly replace coffee with decaf to make them suffer a productivity loss.

The Boss asks Dilbert to trust him. Dilbert won't do that after seeing the Boss's browser history.

The Boss retweeted some racist comments about Elbonians evolving from pandas less than a hundred years ago.

To counteract a racist tweet, the Boss sends some sexist ones.

The engineers confront the Boss about his tweeting fake news. Because of that, the average IQ in the country plunged seven points.

Wally is finished writing the software but it still has bugs. That's no different than not being done.
Note: Wally's and the Boss's shirt colours changes between panels one and three.

Dilbert asked Ted to tell everyone the new meeting time but Ted didn't. So the meeting is useless. Ted says that's how all meetings are.

The Boss goes to a robotic hair transplant centre the same day the software is upgraded. Now the robot does not respect personal boundaries.

The company replaced their lawyer with a robot. Now it produces gibberish. They're not sure this is acceptable.