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Dilbert is brain-trapping. He's trying to keep his brain from escaping while doing a boring task.

Dilbert requests a leave of absence to recover from a boredom-related task. His brain tried to escape through his lower gastrointestinal tract.

The Boss acts interested in Dilbert's personal life so Dilbert's productivity will improve.

Dogbert offers training on how to speak with an accent. It's much easier than actually learning a new language.

The company's batteries in mobile devices keep exploding. The Boss wants to park a truck full outside their competitor's headquarters.

Ted's performance review earned him a new cell phone. It's one of the models where the battery may explode.

The Boss hires Dogbert to help with their exploding phone problem. The decide to convince people that having one ear is cool.

The CEO is under pressure from the press to resign over the exploding phones. So he sent them all a phone and told them it was a new model.

Dogbert recommends a celebrity endorsement to regain public trust after the exploding phones. Maybe a famous cartoonist.

The Boss interviews a cartoonist to be a celebrity endorser for their exploding phone. His budget is $47.

The Boss asks Dilbert to be on a phone call with Elbonia at 6 AM. Dilbert explains why the is a bad thing all around but the Boss still wants him to.

The cartoonist hired to endorse the company's exploding phone did something embarrassing on social media. The board voted to kill the cartoonist.

The Boss asks Asok if the company spokesperson qualifies for an honour-killing because of the things he said on social media. Asok calls the Boss racist.

Asok didn't kill the creator of Garfield, just his body double. Asok thinks he has the worst job. Dilbert thinks that's the body double.

Asok is arrested for killing the body double of Jim Davis, a famous cartoonist.

Alice meets Asok and is confused why he's there as he was arrested for killing a cartoonist's double. The police had arrested Asok's double instead.

Wally gives a note from his doctor to the Boss. It says Wally is too sensitive to accept criticism. The Boss thinks the note is in Wally's handwriting.

The CEO will soon ask if the software is finished. The Boss and Dilbert compare notes on how to best lie to him.

The CEO asks if the software is finished. Dilbert lies and says yes. The CEO is satisfied with that.

The Boss asks Dilbert if he can finish by Friday. He won't take no for an answer so Dilbert says yes.

Dilbert read the Boss's email about destroying the company. It was actually the Boss's plan for the coming year.

Carol sends a text to the Boss while he's driving and calls it urgent so he's forced to respond. She's trying to kill him.

The Boss wrecked his car for the third time when responding to Carol's urgent-sounding text. He thinks she's trying to kill him.

The Boss asks Wally to train the new hire. Wally baffles him with bullshit until the new hire asks for someone else to train him.

The Boss asks for volunteers to go to Mars in the new spaceship they are building. Dilbert suggests Ted as he is a terrible engineer.

Ted asks for suggested names for the spaceship he is designing. The engineers suggest "death tube" and "space debris" because they think the spaceship will explode.

The Boss tells the CEO he picked the worst employees to crew their spaceship just in case it explodes. There's no way to lose.

The company's spaceship to Mars is launched, the Boss announces. There's only enough oxygen for three-quarters of the trip there though.

The crew of their first spaceship suffocated on the launchpad, the Boss reports. He didn't approve the repair to the oxygen generator.

Ted's widow wants his ashes spread around the office. Wally offers to do it even though he didn't like Ted.