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Dilbert and Alice make a deal. She supports his idea now and he will support her idea later.

Topper outdoes Dilbert again by signing his full name to a document while Dilbert signs only his first name.

Wally is willing to buy in to Dilbert's document as long as he doesn't have to read it.

Asok desperately wants to give his buy in on Dilbert's document even though he's not important.

Tina will buy in on Dilbert's project in exchange for cash. She's a better negotiator than Ted.

Dilbert presents his idea for a new product and then asks if there are any ignorant questions. A nay sayer shoots everything down.

Dilbert shows off his new drone to help people act morally. It follows a person around and reminds them to not be a jerk.

Dilbert built an artificial soul and installed it in a drone. When he dies, the drone will upload his soul to the cloud so he can live on.

Dilbert brings his drone containing his artificial soul to a staff meeting. It is promptly destroyed by status updates.

A new hire constantly talks about how much better it was at his old company. That's why they fired him.

A new hire asks Dilbert if he wants to know how they did it at his old company. Nothing would interest Dilbert less.

Instead of hearing how they did it at a new hire's old company, the Boss said they bought the company, fired the employees and sold the assets.

Tina has an idea for an app and wants Dilbert to write it. She's done all the hard work.

Wally can't do an urgent task because he's on a deadline for the Boss. He also can't do the deadline for the Boss because he has an urgent task.

Alice has disheveled hair from the humidity. Dilbert can't stop staring.

The CEO announces a weight-loss competition, with the winner getting an extra week of paid vacation. The engineers bulk up before the competition starts.

The Boss does not have time to attend a leadership class so he wants his team all to attend followship classes.

Wally wants to arrive at work early and leave early. He starts at an hour and works toward eight hours.

The Boss has to fire Ted because Ted offended the janitor. The Boss doesn't know how as the janitor has a thick accent.

Dilbert wants a capital allocation form but doesn't have the right form to request one.

Dilbert wants to fly business class on his 17 hour flight to Elbonia. The Boss says no as he'll lose his bonus if he goes over budget.

Dilbert rents a car. The agent warns him it might take a long time. Twenty minutes later, Dilbert explodes from frustration.

Dilbert tries to cancel the hotel's turn down service because he wants privacy. The front desk says they'll do it anyway. And they'll move his stuff so he can't find it.

Dilbert tells the Boss he had food poisoning on his business trip to Elbonia. The Boss asks if it's good to be back. Dilbert says it's close.

Dilbert tells Wally about taking off his belt at airport security. His pants fell down and someone took a video and it went viral.

The CEO sees Dilbert naked on Elbonian television. One of their subsidiaries built the live feed airport channel.

A project manager asks Wally for an estimate for his work. Wally says that depends on many things, none of them he can predict.

A coworker asks Alice for an analysis by Tuesday. She says OK if she does it poorly. Or she can do a good job and his project will miss its deadline.

Dilbert tries to escalate a problem to the Boss but the Boss refuses saying he hates hard problems.

The Boss asks Dilbert to research a topic. Dilbert fears it will be so boring, his brain will escape via his ear hole.