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Tina read Wally's opinion posted on Facebook and she thinks he's an awful person.

The Boss can't decide who to vote for in the election. Alice advises to make his voting decisions the same as his work decisions.

The Boss wonders who to vote for. Both are liars with budget plans that don't add up.

The Boss wants a president who can be a good role model for his kids. Dilbert wonders about raising taxes and vetoing bills.

The Boss makes the engineers wait while he finds a cute kitten video on his phone.

The Boss doesn't think Wally does as much work as his co-workers. Wally says that's an illusion caused by his efficiency and modesty.

Tina is looking for a "work husband." Dilbert says he may already have a "work wife" because Alice criticises him a lot.

Alice confronts Dilbert about him cheating on her with Tina as another "work wife." It didn't mean anything, he says.

Dilbert has two "work wives." Wally is jealous. Or is he?

Dilbert breaks up with Alice as his "work wife" because Tina complains less and sends him on fewer errands.

Tina, as Dilbert's work wife, has some criticism for him. He would be more attractive if he was taller.

Dilbert simplified the interface of a new gadget, as suggested by the Boss. One button will do eleven different functions.

Dilbert reports a lot of product complaints on Twitter. The Boss asks Dilbert to tell the trolls to shut up and leave them alone.

Sales dropped to zero after the Boss offended customers on Twitter. He thought Twitter was a video game.

The Boss interviews a social justice warrior. The warrior thinks the Boss is against him so equates the Boss to a racist.

The social justice warrior asks Alice to dinner. She says no to him because she's into men instead.

Dilbert has not bungled his career so badly that he needs vacations to escape from it.

Dilbert tells the Boss he does not want a vacation. He would be bored for a week and all his work would pile up while he was gone.

The Boss leaves the robot in charge while he goes on vacation. Dilbert protests about a robot being in charge of humans.

The Boss puts Wally in charge of the new artificial intelligence project. It has no budget and no hope of success so Wally is perfect.

Wally shows his minimum viable product for his artificial intelligence project. It's a block of wood.

Wally added human intelligence to his AI device, then human emotions.

The CEO wants to ask Wally's artificial intelligence device a question. Wally says it's in a bad mood.

Dilbert looks at Wally's artificial intelligence device, a block of wood.

The Nobel Peace Prize committee nominates Wally's block of wood for a prize. The block is in a bad mood and is not talking.

Wally's long-term goal is death. He will come out a winner for succeeding. Dilbert wants to upload his mind.

Wally says other people are the biggest risk to a person's happiness. They are either trying to make you work or complaining.

Avoid listening to others by doing all the talking yourself, or be too busy to listen.

Wally will work from home. His chatbot will answer all emails and text messages.

Wally's emails make no sense. He is using a chatbot to provide useless replies.