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The company wins a contract to write software for voting machines. Dilbert asks the Boss who he wants to win the election and by how much.

The Boss asks Dilbert to not talk to Ted until the Boss tells Ted his project has been cut. Then the Boss leaves for an extended vacation.

Ted is suspicious he saw The Boss talking to Dilbert and wants to know if they mentioned anything about Ted's project. Dilbert just says "Um..."

Ted thinks Dilbert knows something about Ted's project and the Boss told him to be quiet. Dilbert won't say what.

Dilbert tells Wally Ted won't stop hounding him because Dilbert knows something about Ted's project. Wally suggests dousing Ted with coffee.

The entitled employee didn't finish his assignment for the project because he was tired and it looked hard. He assumed someone else does the hard stuff for him.

The entitled employee asks for a raise because he bought a luxury car. The Boss says pay is based on performance, not personal expenses.

Dilbert's performance was only average, the Boss says. Dilbert asks how was it average, since no one else is in Dilbert's situation.

Tina asks Loud Howard to keep their office romance a secret. Loud Howard agrees, loudly.

Alice asks Tina how her office romance with Loud Howard is. Tina wants to know how Alice found out about them.

Catbert tells Tina she needs to register with the legal department about her office romance with a co-worker.

Wally says most people think complexity of modern life is bad. But Wally looks on it as an endless opportunity for useless people like him.

Wally says he's two hours late for work because the Boss's wife called Wally to go to her house to check if she left the curling iron plugged in.

Wally says it's hard to be a misunderstood genius. The CEO has no idea what Wally is talking about. Q.E.D.

Dilbert plans to finish the project in a week, but expects the project to go on forever. The Boss assigned too many time-wasters to be productive.

Wally isn't taken seriously by his co-workers because he's so good looking and his brilliant mind.

Dilbert is bored so the Boss hands him new work. Alice is overwhelmed by work so the Boss hands her new work. It's his new system.

Wally will get back to a project manager about whether he can get the work done by Friday. He will get back to her soon.

Wally can't help a co-worker because he is a thought leader not some wage slave.

Wally tells Tina he saw her on Tinder. Tina doesn't want him to finish that thought. Wally swiped left.

Dilbert's project is three weeks late, the same amount of time he was waiting for the Boss to answer his questions. So Dilbert need to manage the Boss better.

A co-worker asks Dilbert to go to dinner and a movie with her on Friday. Dilbert complains about the optimum time to eat is also the best to see a movie. And what are the odds they want to see the same movie.

The CEO wants all employees to be self-empowered and accountable. Wally says if he could do that, he wouldn't work here.
Note: Guest artist Jake Tapper.

Ted asks the Boss for lunch. The Boss says no, that wouldn't be appropriate because someday he might need to fire Ted.
Note: Guest artist Jake Tapper.

The Boss wants to know if Wally has any friends he can recommend to work here. Wally asks why he would want to be mean to his friends, if he had any.
Note: Guest artist Jake Tapper.

Wally meets a new interviewee and asks him to say Wally referred you. That way, Wally gets a referral bonus.
Note: Guest artist Jake Tapper.

Wally is the employee of the year for referring so many new people to work in engineering. The Boss suspects Wally manipulated the referral system but can't prove it.
Note: Guest artist Jake Tapper.

The Boss says the network is slow today. Dilbert says 75% of the staff is watching inappropriate videos.
Note: Guest artist Jake Tapper.

Alice couldn't finish the slide deck because she was distracted by someone clipping his nails. Wally couldn't finish either because he noticed his nails were uneven.

There are smart people on both sides of every political issue, Dilbert says. The Boss says maybe it looks that way because Dilbert is not one of the smart ones.

Ted asks Dilbert if he watched the debates. Dilbert stops him because he doesn't want to know how incompetent Ted is by finding out his views on politics.