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The Boss wants more details on the financial projections. Dilbert shows him an app that generates random numbers.
Note: Guest artist Donna Oatney.

Carol gives a bad horoscope reading for the Boss. He'll be dead by noon.
Note: Guest artist Donna Oatney.

Carol's son wants to get a pierced ear, a tattoo, grow a human ear on his back like the rat. Dilbert thinks all those things are a good idea.

Ted asks Dilbert to send a file. Email, Dropbox, Google Drive, ICloud Drive, Airdrop, or Creative Cloud?
Note: Guest artist Brenna Thummler.

Ted wants to know why Dilbert didn't send a file like he said. Dilbert didn't know the format to send, so asked in an email.
Note: Guest artist Brenna Thummler.

Ted complains to Catbert that Dilbert wants Ted to drive into a ravine. Catbert wants that too.
Note: Guest artist Brenna Thummler.

The Boss tells Dilbert he's not allowed to tell co-workers to drive into a ravine. It was a joke, Dilbert protests.
Note: Guest artist Brenna Thummler.

Carol blames Dilbert for causing Ted to drive into a ravine. Dilbert could have been more constructive.
Note: Guest artist Brenna Thummler.

The Boss interviews a new Ted, same as the old Ted, for the job of generic white guy.
Note: Guest artist Brenna Thummler.

Dilbert asks permission to take a class on communicating better. The Boss doesn't understand what Dilbert is saying.

Carol needs to know Dilbert's astrological sign before putting him on the Boss's schedule. It's her new system to prevent chaos.

The Boss asks for a colour change to Dilbert's design. Dilbert says that will make the design worse. The Boss has an eye for design.

Dilbert didn't answer Ted's email because he doesn't read long emails. They're a sign of a disorganised mind.

Dilbert repeatedly checks his pulse to see if he's dying of boredom while talking with the Boss.

The Boss isn't an engineer so doesn't know if Dilbert is doing the right thing. He also doesn't watch Dilbert so doesn't know if Dilbert puts in the required effort.

Dilbert's tests show the competitor's product outperforms the company's in nine of eleven dimensions. The Boss asked Dilbert to submit the other two to Marketing.

The competitors have better products because they have better managers. The managers got their engineers proper budgets to do the job right.

Government wants the company to make software to unencrypt the users' data, the CEO says. Either they choose privacy or national security.

The Boss wants Dilbert to write software to crack their own encryption. For the good of the country.

The Boss asks Dilbert for an update on the decryption project. Dilbert speaks into the Boss's phone to report.

Dilbert gives the Boss a flash drive with the anti-encryption software. If it falls into the wrong hands all privacy on earth will suffer.

An Elbonian terrorist pretends to be a courier to get the flash drive with the encryption-breaking software.

An Elbonian has the flash drive with the encryption-breaking software, but can't plug it into his phone.

The Boss asks the engineers to schedule their training during lunch hours so it doesn't interfere with the projects.

All options lead to doom. the only thing they control is who gets the blame. The Boss wants to do the blame part.

The Boss doesn't want to do Dilbert's idea. It's been tried in the past and always fails. Dilbert says history is full of such failures, then successes.

Dilbert's date marvels at the miracle of consciousness. Dilbert thinks people are just fish plus time.

Dilbert's date lasted 53 minutes, a new record. He did it by not talking for the first 49 minutes.

The biggest risk to Dilbert's plan is people. They are terrible once you know them.

Dilbert is antisocial. He only dislike people he gets to know.