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Federal agents talk to the Boss about Asok. They think Asok is a terrorist and want to know how he ended up that way.

The FBI took away Asok on suspicion of being a terrorist. The Boss thinks something was wrong with Asok. Maybe Asok's boss, according to Dilbert.

Asok is interrogated by the FBI. Asok says he's a non-violent Hindu. However the agent is closer to being a terrorist that Asok is.

Asok returns after being held by the FBI for three weeks on suspicion of being a terrorist. Asok thinks the engineers were protesting outside the FBI building the entire time.

Wally programs the robot with all his knowledge so the robot can attend meetings on Wally's behalf.

The Boss gives Dilbert a hat to monitor Dilbert's brainwaves and warn him if he will fall asleep.

The Boss asks Carol to move his flight one hour earlier on Friday. She protests, saying that's an impossible task given the late date and the Boss's pickiness.

The Boss says the hat sensors reported Dilbert is not having work-related thoughts. The Boss needs to dock Dilbert's pay for all the leisure time at work.

Dilbert complains his job is turning him into Quasimodo. Tina wonders if it's Dilbert's posture or attitude.

Dilbert is not literally turning into Quasimodo, he tells Catbert. It's just a posture thing.

The CEO selects Dilbert as the new company mascot. Dilbert's bad posture speaks volumes about hard work and long hours.

Dilbert asks Wally how he keeps his posture so straight. Wally says to understand the root cause of poor posture in order to eliminate it.

Dogbert suggests yoga to improve Dilbert's posture. Dilbert thinks maybe he can meet an attractive woman at yoga as well.

The Boss says he heals really quickly, according to his doctor. It means the Boss is genetically gifted.

The Boss believes in the Ronald Reagan saying "trust, but verify." That's why the Boss empowers, yet micromanages.

Carol's babysitter cancelled for tonight so she asks Dilbert to babysit.

Dilbert Will babysit for Carol's kids. The kids won't do anything they're told, and don't respond to threats or consequences.

Dilbert will be babysitting for Carol, but she won't give him her mobile number. That's so her date won't be ruined by texting every ten minutes.

Catbert can't give Carol's home address to Dilbert even though he is babysitting for her tonight. It's against company policy.

Carol and her husband leave for their date even though Dilbert hasn't shown up to babysit.

Dilbert can complete the project in two weeks. He can do it faster but at a lower quality. Completion in one week will mean 50% of planned quality.

Carol is upset because Dilbert never showed up to babysit. Dilbert said she never gave him her address and turned off her mobile phone for date night.

Wally used the entire engineering portion of the budget just to learn the new technology. Wally is sorry the project didn't work out for the project manager.

Asok is excited about working as an Uber driver. He only has to work 75 hours per week to pay the rent.

Asok asks the Boss for his job back. Driving for Uber was less glamorous than he thought.

Dilbert asks Asok when he was an Uber driver, if passengers ever got sick in his car. They all did.

At the hackers convention, a woman learns everything about Dilbert. She says he is falling in love with her.

How can Asok go back to this life after the freedom of being an Uber driver?
Note: Guest artist John Glynn.