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It's not a good idea to answer an email while angry, Dilbert tells Alice. She cools down.

Wally says being useless is not a character flaw. It's the result of resistance to the tyranny of productivity.

Wally asks Alice how it feels to be the hardest working employee in engineering. She is tired, stressed, angry and lonely.

Wally says it's great to never feel the satisfaction of a job well done.

Carol understands Wally because she's useless too. She hasn't succeeded in her plan to kill the Boss.

Wally reports he and Dilbert killed Ted on the Boss's orders.

The Boss reports to the CEO about his engineers killing Ted on the Boss's orders.

Dilbert invites a co-worker to his house after work for a party. No one has committed to coming.

The Boss wants to tell Alice about his weekend but she's not interested. He's not interested in hearing about her social life.

Most people are not saving for retirement, Wally says. He doesn't want to work hard just to give money to a retirement condo.

The Boss offers Dilbert a choice: a boring project that will succeed or a fun project that will take his career down in flames.

The Boss types on his phone and Wally cheers him.

The Boss finishes explaining their strategy and asks for questions. Dilbert can't tell if they're in the hardware or software business.

The Boss asks Dilbert not to let that happen again. Dilbert says it wasn't his fault.

The company will monitor the employees in real time. Dilbert says they've removed the last shred of dignity from their jobs.

The Boss brags he had a wonderful weekend at his mountain cabin. Dilbert worked all weekend to meet the Boss's arbitrary deadline.

The Boss gives up on trying to keep them happy. Now he will tell them things are worse everywhere else.

The Boss shows a chart for sales estimates. The chart is the same as the one about the travel budget.

Dick from the Internet misunderstands Dilbert's remark about the new Elbonian mouse invention.

Dick from the Internet says he makes all the Hitler references.
Note: Scott Adams gave his permission for anyone to reprint this strip where ever and whenever you see a Hitler analogy. "I hereby grant approval to reprint this Dilbert comic wherever and whenever you see a Hitler analogy."

Asok meets Dick from the Internet who makes all the jerky comments.

Dilbert greets another day at work, preparing for arbitrary goals, idiots, and piles of meat playing ping-pong.

Asok asks the robot what it's like to have no consciousness. The robot asks Asok what it's like to be totally unimportant.

The robot has no soul and is a box of nothing. The Boss will be rotting underground in a hundred years.

The robot says robots have no need for consciousness. Humans evolved a consciousness to remind them how dumb they are.

Alice gives the robot an artificial soul. The robot worries about feeling like a failure.

The robot says he feels special with an artificial soul.

The robot figured out how to procreate. He infected the Boss with an idea virus to build more robots.

Alice stayed up all night to finish her part of the project. A co-worker only finished half of his, so that means she wasted her time.

Robots started as helpers for humans and evolved into competing for manual labour jobs and winning.